Rudolf Ernst Brünnow

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Rudolf Ernst Brünnow (1892)

Rudolf Ernst Brünnow (born February 7, 1858 in Ann Arbor , Michigan , † April 14, 1917 in Bar Harbor , Maine ) was a German-American orientalist and philologist .


The son of the astronomer Franz Friedrich Ernst Brünnow from Berlin was born during his stay in the USA for several years . In 1863 he returned to Europe with his father. In 1882 he received his doctorate in philosophy from the University of Strasbourg .

In 1897 and 1898, together with Alfred von Domaszewski, he made two trips to Arabia in order to gain new knowledge about the former Roman province of Arabia Petraea . They measured the ruins of Petra and made the first modern map of this former capital of the Nabatean Empire .

In 1910 Brünnow took over the chair for Semitic Languages at Princeton . In addition to German and English , he was proficient in French , ancient Greek , Latin , Turkish and Assyrian .


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  • A Classified List of all Simple and Compound Cuneiform Ideographs Occurring in the Texts Hitherto Published (I-III, 1887-88)
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