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Runaways is a comic series from the US comic publisher Marvel . It was created by Brian K. Vaughan (story) and Adrian Alphona (drawings). Initially, 18 issues appeared between July 2003 and November 2004. A lack of sales resulted in the series being discontinued despite numerous fan protests. In April 2005, the comic was revived as Volume 2. The series takes place in the Marvel universe , so there are frequent guest appearances or mentions of well-known characters such as Captain America or the X-Men .


Volume 1

Pride and Joy (# 1 - # 6)

The six teenagers Alex Wilder (16), Gertrude Yorkes (15), Karolina Dean (16), Chase Stein (17), Molly Hayes (11) and Nico Minoru (16) find their parents' annual meeting in Malibu (Los Angeles) found out that they belong to the secret organization "The Pride". After the six watch their parents cold-bloodedly sacrifice a girl to pay homage to their “masters”, the gibborim, they decide to run away from home. But they soon realize that they have to stop their parents and that no one will help them because Alex, Gertrude, Karolina, Chase and Nico are wanted for the murder of the victimized girl and Molly's alleged kidnapping.

Teenage Wasteland (# 7 - # 10)

During a robbery on a corner shop , the Runaways meet a boy named Topher. The latter claims that his evil parents forced him to assist in the crime. The Runaways then take Topher with them to their hiding place, an abandoned hostel. Topher's presence sparks tension between Alex, Nico, and Karolina. Ultimately, Topher reveals himself to be a vampire and tries to transform Nico into his own kind. Alex saves her, which leads to a romance between the two of them. Topher dies after biting Karolina, whose blood contains solar energy. Then “The Pride” track down Topher's “parents”, who are in truth his servants, and learn from them that the Runaways killed Topher. Pride members feel a sense of pride for their descendants.

Lost and Found (# 11 - # 12)

Cloak and Dagger, two superheroes from New York who ran away from home as teenagers years ago, are put on the "runaways" by a corrupt police officer. After the usual misunderstanding-leads-to-that-first-of-all-fighting-against-each-other-scenario one finds some similarities. Alex and his friends even manage to convince the two of them to tell the avengers about the machinations of the "Pride". But before Cloak and Dagger leave, they are intercepted by Molly's parents, who erase their memories of the whole story. Some elements from this two-parter are taken up later in the story "East Coast / West Coast".

The Good Die Young (# 13 - # 17)

The corrupt Los Angeles police have finally managed to find the runaways' secret hideout. The children now also learn that someone from among them has worked for their parents the entire time, even if the identity of this person is not known for the time being. At the "Rite of Thunder" the twelve members of the "Pride" are supposed to sacrifice an innocent soul to the Gibborims, an ancient race whose goal is the destruction of humanity and a new beginning. There is a final confrontation between the two generations - and not all will survive ...

Eighteen (# 18)

After the death of their parents, the children are placed in different families and institutions. In order to keep the events behind them secret, they are not allowed to see each other or talk about what happened. Since they do not like their new life, they decide to run away again and start their own 'superhero team'.

Volume 2

True Believers (# 1 - # 6)

A "friend" from the future whispers to the Runaways that if the Runaways did not liquidate this person in the not too distant future, a huge threat will kill the Avengers and all other Marvel heroes thanks to his tremendous power. This "world-ending supervillain" Victorious is still a high school kid named Victor Mancha in 2005 , who has a famous villain for his father. In this story arc, the Runaways get company from Team Excelsior, a group of young B-heroes who were commissioned by an anonymous patron to find the Runaways.

Star-Crossed (# 7 - # 8)

Karolina reveals her homosexuality while trying to kiss Nico. However, Nico rejects them. At that moment, a young alien named Xavin appears on Earth who claims to be Karolina's fiancé. His people, the Skrulls, and the people of Karolina descendants, the Majesdane, have long been at war . He hopes that this conflict will end through the marriage of Karolina. After some hesitation, Karolina Xavin follows into the vastness of the universe.

East Coast / West Coast (# 9 - # 12)

In New York City , Cloak is accused of beating his partner Dagger to hospital maturity. While fleeing from the Avengers , he falls out of a window and at that moment remembers the memories of the Runaways that Molly's parents had erased. He then decides to ask the young runaways for help. Cloak teleports himself into the secret hideout of the Runaway called "The Hostel" in Los Angeles and explains that a fraudster in Cloak's outfit must have attacked Dagger. Together they travel to the “Big Apple” and clarify the truth about Daggers coma .

Dead Ringers (# 13)

In the middle of a runaways battle, Molly slips into the Los Angeles sewer system and passes out. When she wakes up, she is with other children in a school for budding thieves ("School of the Seven Bells"), which is run by a teacher named "The Provost". All students ran away from home and were caught and held by "The Provost". Anyone who does not submit to his will is turned into a stone statue. Molly rises to be a rebel, recruits her classmates and defeats the headmaster. In the end, Molly falls asleep at a bus stop dreaming that her life has been a dream since the fateful night she and the other Runaways found out about their parents' wickedness. In the dream Molly "wakes up" and imagines her parents are alive and invite her to Disneyland .

X-Men / Runaway Team-Up (Free Comic Book Day 2006)

An 11-page story written by Runaways writer Brian K. Vaughan and drawn by Skottie Young , distributed for free by Marvel on Free Comic Book Day 2006 (May 6, 2006). In their search for Old Lace, the Runaways come across the X-Men , consisting of Wolverine, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Beast, Colossus, Shadowcat and Lockheed. The X-Men came to Los Angeles to bring Molly to New York . There she should learn to use her mutant powers better in Xavier's school for the gifted. The Runaways oppose this, so that a fight breaks out between the two teams. While most of the members are busy this way, Gertrude Yorkes and Kitty Pride chat about pacifism and their bizarre pets. The story ends with Emma's decision not to take Molly with her against her will. If Molly ever wants to join the X-Men, she knows where to find them.


  • Reprints as digest (manga-like paperback):
Runaways Vol. 1: Pride & Joy (includes Vol.1 # 1-6, ISBN 0-7851-1379-7 )
Runaways Vol. 2: Teenage Wasteland (includes Vol.1 # 7-12, ISBN 0-7851-1415-7 )
Runaways Vol. 3: The Good Die Young (includes Vol.1 # 13-18, ISBN 0-7851-1684-2 )
Runaways Vol. 4: True Believers (includes Vol.2 # 1-6, ISBN 0-7851-1705-9 )
Runaways Vol. 5: Escape To New York (includes Vol.2 # 7-12, ISBN 0-7851-1901-9 )
Runaways Vol. 6: Parental Guidance (includes Vol.2 # 13-18, ISBN 0-7851-1952-3 )
Runaways Vol. 7: Live Fast (includes Vol.2 # 19-24, ISBN 0-7851-2267-2 )
Runaways Vol. 8: Dead End Kids (includes Vol.2 # 25-30, ISBN 0-7851-3459-X )
Runaways Vol. 9: Dead Wrong (includes Vol.3 # 1-6, ISBN 0-7851-2940-5 )
Runaways Vol. 10: Rock Zombies (includes Vol.3 # 7-10, ISBN 0-7851-4074-3 )
Runaways Vol. 11: Homeschooling (includes Vol.3 # 11-14, ISBN 0-7851-4039-5 )
  • Reprint as oversized hardcover:
Runaways, Vol. 1 (includes Vol. 1 # 1-18, ISBN 0-7851-1876-4 )
Runaways, Vol. 2 (includes Vol. 2 # 1-12 and X-Men / Runaways: Free Comic Book Day 2006, ISBN 0-7851-2358-X )
Runaways, Vol. 3 (includes Vol. 2 # 13-24, ISBN 0-7851-2539-6 )


The Internet platform Hulu commissioned a ten-episode adaptation of the comic as a series. Producers Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz act as showrunners . The series was released on Hulu on November 16, 2017 under the name Marvel's Runaways . In December 2018, a second season with 13 episodes was released.

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