Satyr (film)

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German title Satyr
Original title Satyr
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1996
length 85 minutes
Director Michael Zen
script Raven Touchstone
production Wicked Pictures
music JC Ross
camera Tony English
Frank Marino

Satyr is an American fantasy - porn - feature film by director Michael Zen from 1996. The film was for 22 1998 AVN Awards nominations and was awarded in the category "Best All Girl Scene".


Fawn Deering is a college student studying animal mythology and human sexuality. This leads her to an interview with Dr. Jade, who lives in a villa with numerous servants. There she meets Jade's servant Adam and feels drawn to him. Sophie, the housekeeper, warns Fawn not to return to Jade after they leave, but Fawn can't resist Adam's invitation to watch an orgy that weekend. Sophie tries to get Adam to let go of Fawn and not share his curse, but Adam has fallen in love with Fawn and doesn't want to live without her. For Fawn, this means that she must transform into a satyr like the other servants in Jade's household. While the transformation is taking place, Fawn sleeps most of the time and has visions in which she sees Adam in the form of a satyr. After Fawn transforms (with horns and horse legs), she visits Adam's room, where they profess their love for one another. Adam finally realizes that he has cursed Fawn for the rest of her life and begins to restore her to her human form. Finally, Fawn takes Jade's place in the household.


  • 1998: AVN Award - Best All-Girl Sex Scene (Film) (Missy and Jenna Jameson)

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