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Bell maker around 1568

A clamp is a small vessel rattle with rattle bodies enclosed in a metal vessel, which make a bright sound when shaken.

According to the Hornbostel-Sachs system , bells belong to the indirectly struck idiophones (shaking idiophones ). In regional colloquial language and in Austria, bells refer to small bells with clappers, i.e. immediately struck idiophones (impact vessels), such as those hanging from the necks of animals as cowbells or as props and noise instruments in processions. As part of frame drums and bell rings , bells refer to cymbals , metal plates that hit one another in pairs (counter-strike idiophones). A clapper bell called a tintinnabulum is carried during Christian processions .

Bells (small bells or rattles) were used as decoration on plate armor , weir hangings and for sleigh bells . Bells are also used as clothing decorations, for example in the bell costume and also in some figures of the Alemannic carnival . Numerous smaller bells decorate the mainly from carnival clubs or in the military music used Schell tree .

Altar bells for use in Holy Mass
Gschell fool at the Rottweiler Fasnet

The tintinnabulum is formed from hard-hammered brass or silver sheet or cast from bell metal. In the liturgy of the Roman Rite, altar bells (also just called "bells") ring the altar bells on certain occasions in the service : to change during the Holy Mass and when the sacramental blessing is given . In previous years, went to rural areas in a Versehgang an altar, the priest accompanied in choir dress to the house of the patient, the altar boy was wearing a light and to Responsive to the presence of a small clamp, the Holy of Holies to draw attention.

This use corresponds to the Catholic and autocephalous church services of the Antiochian Rite occupied with bells Rhipidion that the most important moments emphasizes visual and audible here at every Mass.


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