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Tool grinding machine
mechanical tool grinding machine
Surface grinding machine
Center grinding machine
Center grinding machine

Grinding machines are originally hand or foot driven tools for smoothing surfaces or for removing coatings from surfaces. Later the machines got a steam drive . Nowadays they are mostly operated with electrical energy or with compressed air .

Depending on the material - wood , concrete , natural stone , glass , metal or plastic - and its hardness , grinding wheels made of different carriers and with abrasives are used according to the area of ​​application.

There are hand-held machines such as:

The following machines are used in industry and trade :

The highest form of automation is the grinding machine with measuring control , whereby measurements are taken at regular intervals and the grinding process is adjusted accordingly. The measurement can be carried out scanned or selectively. In addition, the grinding wheel is brushed and turned during grinding.


For grinding machines used commercially in Germany, an annual safety check according to accident prevention regulations (according to the guidelines of the employers' liability insurance association) in conjunction with the VDE regulations is required. Wearing protective goggles during commercial operation is a prerequisite for proper operation.

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