Mucous feet

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Mucous feet
Lilac-leaved mucous foot (Cortinarius delibutus)

Lilac-leaved mucous foot ( Cortinarius delibutus )

Class : Agaricomycetes
Subclass : Agaricomycetidae
Order : Mushroom-like (Agaricales)
Family : Veil relatives (Cortinariaceae)
Genre : Veils ( Cortinarius )
Subgenus : Mucous feet
Scientific name
Cortinarius subg. Myxacium
( Fr. ) trough

The mucous feet ( Myxacium ) represent a subgenus of the genus Schleierlinge ( Cortinarius ).

The most important characteristic: the hat and stem are slimy to greasy. There are exceptions in the Ochroleuci section with some relatively dry, barely greasy representatives.


They are medium to fairly large mushrooms with species more or less covered by a slimy velum .

  • Hat color: purple to blue-violet, yellow, yellow-brown or red-brown, rarely whitish to cream-colored.
  • Stem: white, ocher-yellow to brown or with a blue-violet tone, smooth to heavily lapped or girdled open.
  • Lamellae: more or less bulged. Young mushrooms with lamellas, some with blue-violet tones, some gray to yellow-ocher, later they change color from the maturing spore powder to a rich ocher to rust-brown.


The mucous feet grow on earth in the deciduous or coniferous forest, more rarely in alpine altitudes or arctic zones. The time of publication is mainly from autumn to late autumn.

Food value

There are no known poisonous mushrooms in the mucous feet . The bitter types are inedible. Traditionally, several species are collected as edible mushrooms in Switzerland and France . Nevertheless, it is generally not advisable to enjoy the mucous feet.


For the further determination of the mucous feet, decisive features are the color, the lavender to blue-violet color, the texture of the hat surface (smooth, notched, furrowed or wrinkled), the texture of the stem (latticed, belted or smooth), the taste (bitter or mild ), as well as the location (deciduous or coniferous forest, on calcareous or acidic soil, loamy or sandy subsoil).

The subdivision into sections (+ example type) is based on Bon (1988):

Spores almost spherical; Hat and velum yellowish or bluish. Delibuti Section Purple-leaved
mucous foot ( Cortinarius delibutus )
Spores ellipsoidal, almond or lemon shaped; Hat yellow, brown or blue, velum white to bluish.
Taste and meat and / or cap skin bitter, spores at least 9 µm long. Section Ochroleuci ( Vibratiles )
Dry mucous foot ( Cortinarius ochroleucus )
Mild taste of meat and cap skin, spores at least 10 µm long, ornamented with coarse warty features.
Buckles present in the hyphae of the cap skin; inflated cystids on the blade edge are absent or inconspicuous and rarely wider than the basidia; the smell of this meat stick is inconspicuous. Section: Myxacium adder
-stalked mucous foot ( Cortinarius trivialis )
Buckles are missing; Lamellar incision with inflated (15–30 µm wide) cystidia; Usually smells of honey, especially when the stem is rubbed. Section: Elatiores ( Delibuti )
Long- handled mucous foot ( Cortinarius elatior )


The mucous feet belong to the smaller sub-genera of the veils. There are around 40 types of in German-speaking countries.

Mucous feet ( Myxacium )

Slime feet in Germany, Austria and Switzerland 
Species name author Popular name synonym
Cortinarius absarokensis MM Moser & McKnight 1987 Pale brown mucous foot
Cortinarius aleuriolens Chevassut & Rob. Henry 1982
Cortinarius alpinus Boud. 1895 Mountain slime foot Cortinarius favrei D.M. Hend.
Cortinarius arvinaceus Fr. 1838, see Ricken Beech mucous foot
Cortinarius barbatus (Batsch: Fries) Melot 1989 Crystal slime foot, glassy root slime foot Cortinarius cristallinus
Cortinarius betulinus J. Favre 1948 Slender birch mucous foot , pale blue mucous foot
Cortinarius causticus Fr. 1838, Frosted slimy foot
Cortinarius collinitus (Sow .: Fr.) Fr. ss. Lge., Mos. & Al Bluestalk slime foot Peck , C. cylindripes Kauffm. ss. Lge., Mos.
Cortinarius croceocoeruleus (Pers.) Fr. 1861 Saffron blue mucous head
Cortinarius delibutus Fr. 1838, Blue-leaved mucous foot
Cortinarius duramarus Jul. Schäff. ex Kuhn.-Fink. & Peintner 2003 Hard-fleshed mucous foot
Cortinarius eburneus (Velen.) Rob. Henry ex Bon 1985 White mucous foot C.crystallinus ss. Bres. non auct., C. emollitus ss. Lie. non auct., incl. C. crystallinus f. gracilis Bres.
Cortinarius elatior Fr. 1838, Long-handled mucous foot C. lividoochraceus (Berk.) Berk. ss. Melot, C. citreisporus Bidaud & Fillon nom.superfl.
Cortinarius emollitus Fr. 1838, Bitter head of water , soft-handled slime foot
Cortinarius emunctus Fr. 1838 Steel-blue slime foot , purple-gray birch slime foot C. subemunctus , C. griseoviolaceus, C. griseolilacinus
Cortinarius epipoleus Fr. 1838, Steel-gray Kleinspor-Schleimfuß , Grauer Schleimfuß
Cortinarius epsomiensis PD Orton 1958 Pale thick foot , brown Alpine silk head C. anomalus
Cortinarius fennoscandicus Bendiksen, K. Bendiksen & Brandrud 1993
Cortinarius grallipes Fr. 1838 Birch slime foot
Cortinarius illibatus Fr. 1838 ss.str. non metro. Pink-leaved mucous foot
Cortinarius iodeoides Kauffman 1918 C. fulvoluteus Britz
Cortinarius lividoochraceus (Berk.) Berk. ss.str. Small mucous foot C. pumilus (Fr.) JELange, C. mucifluoides var.ochroflavus Hry. ex Bidaud
Cortinarius metrodii R.Hry. C. illibatus Hry. sensu Cooke (1891), Metrod,
Cortinarius mucifluoides Rob. Henry ex Bidaud, Moënne-Locc. & Reumaux 2000 False long-handled mucous foot C. mucifluus Fr. ss.Konr. & Maubl., Myxacium mucifluum Fr. ss. Ricken & al., Myxopholis mucifluoides Locquin , Cortinarius konradianus Bidaud & al. , nom.superfl.
Cortinarius mucifluus Fr. ss. Fr. (non al.) Pine slimy foot , Wrinkled slimy foot C. pinicola P.D. Orton
Cortinarius mucosus (Bull.) J. Kickx f. 1867 Heather slime foot
Cortinarius nitidus (Schaeff.) Fr. 1838 Shiny mucous foot
Cortinarius ochroleucus (Schaeff.) Fr. 1838 Dry mucous foot
Cortinarius pangloius MM Moser 1969
Cortinarius pluvialis Kühner 1989
Cortinarius pluviorum (Jul. Schäff.) MM Moser 1957 Ocher-brown slimy foot
Cortinarius pluvius (Fr.) Fr. 1838 Rain slime foot , green alder slime foot , bronze skin head
Cortinarius salor Fr. 1838 Blue slime head
Cortinarius stillatitius Fr. 1838, (see Br. 1930) Honey mucous foot C.integerrimus Kühner , 1989, C. mucifluus (Fries) Wünsche ss.Rick., C. pseudosalor J.Lge.
Cortinarius subglutinosus P. Karst. 1879 Yellow-blue slimy foot
Cortinarius transiens (Melot) Soop 1990 C. salor var. Transiens Melot, C. epipoleus Fries ss.auct., C. largodelibutus Hry.
Cortinarius trivialis JE Lange 1940, Adder-stalked mucous foot C. collinitus Fr. ss.str.
Cortinarius vibratilis (Fr.) Fr. 1838, The bitterest slime foot


  • Marcel Bon: Parey's book of mushrooms. Paul Parey Publishing House, Hamburg / Berlin 1988, ISBN 3-490-19818-2 .

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