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Cologne students watch a boy in the long jump.
Winners of a swimming competition held by Canadian schools
In 1875 Konrad Koch published the first German rule set for soccer at the Martino-Katharineum in Braunschweig
Football player of the Johanneum Lüneburg , 1894

In contrast to university sport , company sport or recreational sport , school sport refers to the entirety of sport and exercise-related activities that are carried out within the framework of the school as an institution . In addition to compulsory physical education , school sports also include voluntary working groups or school sports associations , school sports competition events, national sports events, sports festivals, hiking days or school trips with a focus on sports (e.g. ski courses, bike tours), sports breaks and over-school competitions such as youth training for the Olympics or floorball Cup .


It is based on the assumption that exercise, play and sport - including school sport - make a fundamental and indispensable contribution to the physical, social, cognitive and emotional development of students. For this reason, comprehensive curricula are drawn up for physical education, which describe the subject's objectives, content and methods in detail (physical education - educational perspectives and fields of activity). The basis is the double order; this means education for sport and education (personality development) through sport.

Interdisciplinary educational tasks such as health promotion , social and values ​​education have a high priority.

School sport in Germany

Ministries of Education and Culture Ministers' Conference

The education ministries of the individual federal states are initially responsible for school sport and issue curricula and concepts for classroom and non-classroom sport. They are supported by specialist knowledge from educational sciences and sports education as a branch of sports science .

German Olympic Sports Association and school sports

At the federal level, the German Olympic Sports Confederation brings its ideas about school sport to various commissions and working groups (School Sport Commission; DOSB - KMK Contact Commission; School Sport Action Alliance). A DOSB school sports prize is awarded annually. In the orientation framework for school sport of 1999, extensive demands are made, including: a .:

  • compulsory tuition of at least three hours - if possible in individual lessons - in the general schools
  • compulsory sport lessons of at least one hour in part-time vocational schools
  • qualified university teacher training
  • Appropriate recruitment of PE teachers
  • regular further training for teachers
  • Monitoring and evaluation through appropriate school sport research for binding and verifiable scope, content and qualifications for school sport.

School sport study 2004/2005

On December 13, 2004, the results of the study "Physical Education in Germany", the DSB-SPRINT study, were presented. There were bad grades for school sports.

Every fourth sports lesson is canceled, the teachers are outdated, the lesson content is often boring or simply no longer up-to-date. "The usual three sports hours per week are only on paper, but are not given," said DSB President Manfred von Richthofen, criticizing those responsible for education policy in the federal states. Over 8,800 students between the ages of ten and 15, more than 1150 sports teachers and over 100 school principals as well as 4,350 parents took part in the unique study - and criticized the sports lessons in Germany's schools as inadequate.

The study was based on information from questionnaires completed by students, parents, physical education teachers and school principals. The most problematic types of school for sport, such as special schools or vocational schools, were not taken into account. In these types of schools, the absence of lessons and the unattractiveness of physical education are considerable.

On July 5, 2005, the comprehensive final report of the study was presented, which confirmed the first results.

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