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Sports education is the scientific discipline that addresses the "connection between sports and education ". This general interpretation corresponds in the meaning of the word to a pedagogy that refers to the " cultural phenomenon and social problem of sport " ( Hans Groll ). For this purpose, theoretical foundations for a practice oriented towards movement , play and sport are developed. The aim is to make a contribution to promoting human development and education .

Sports pedagogy, together with sports didactics , is the most important reference science for the planning, implementation and evaluation of physical education . In turn, it is closely related to general pedagogy and other disciplines of sports science .

Sports education goes back to Pierre de Coubertin , who created a theoretical basis for sports education in British public schools . In Germany, the Göttingen pedagogue Herman Nohl , inspired by the student rowing of his colleague Bernhard Zimmermann , represented the concept of group competition , which was borrowed from sports education, but which he wanted to apply to the entire classroom. Sports pedagogy as a name for a sports science subject has only been spoken of in Germany since the late 1960s, after the book Basics of Sports Pedagogy by Ommo Grupe was published. In this book, for the first time - as a program, so to speak - the new name of a subject area that has had different names in its long history was used in the title as " gymnastics ", " gymnastics ", "physical exercises", "physical education", "physical education" ”Or“ Theory of Physical Education ”.
The emergence of the scientific field and the term "sports pedagogy" coincides in Germany with the emergence of superordinate sports science . While in the early days sports education also took care of competition education, competitive sports are increasingly seen as incompatible with the principles of education.

Since the 1970s, chairs for sports education have been established at numerous German universities .

The status of 2010 was summarized in the monograph by Robert Prohl Grundriss der Sportpädagogik .

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