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A squadron is a military unit , depending on the historical period and forces genus may be arranged differently. The most frequent meaning is synonymous with the squadron of the cavalry , which is comparable to the company or battery of the Bundeswehr or the company in Anglophone armed forces.


The word comes from the Italian squadrone (German: large square, Latin: quadrus ), a formation set up in a square. Based on this, several meanings have developed.

Land Forces

In many armies there was and is sometimes the designation squadron or squadron for cavalry or tank units at company level. Depending on the type of weapon , the designation can change: for the infantry it is company , for the artillery it is battery and for the cavalry or its successors it is a squadron.

During the Second World War, the German Wehrmacht had "cavalry squadrons" with horses, "cycling squadrons" with bicycles or motorcycles, and "heavy squadrons" with armored vehicles.

Air Force

For several air forces with an unbroken tradition, the name for squadron was taken over from the cavalry. In the Anglo-Saxon area, the squadron is referred to as a squadron , which is not to be equated with a squadron ( wing , possibly also group ): A squadron usually consists of several squadrons.

Naval forces

The term squadron is also used in a number of navies . Often these are ships of the same type. The equivalent in the German Navy is the squadron .

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