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In football , a swallow is the name given to the attempt by a player to fake a foul by deliberately dropping himself in a duel with an opposing player. In this way a player tries to get a free kick or (inside the penalty area ) a penalty kick if he believes the regular attack has been lost, or to provoke a warning (if necessary, expulsion) from the opponent. Since 1999, the rule has been that the player who is deceiving must be warned with the yellow card if the referee notices the deception.

Originally, the expression “make a swallow” described letting go with arms spread wide forward and legs slightly apart. This posture is reminiscent of the bird swallow , whose typical features are long, narrow wings (here: the outstretched arms of the falling person) and an often split (“forked”) tail (here: the slightly spread legs of the falling person) . Swallows sometimes fly very low over flat terrain. The expression later became a synonym for any deliberate fall or stumble in a football duel (even without the typical swallow-like posture of arms and legs).

Due to a controversial foul on the German national player Bernd Hölzenbein in the World Cup final against the Netherlands in 1974, the term "swallow" found its way into the Dutch language (see also Germanism ).

The equivalent of the swallow in basketball is called the flop .

Known choices as a swallow

  • Andreas Möller on April 13, 1995 in the game against Karlsruher SC. Möller tried to justify his swallow (so-called protection swallow ) and attacked the then KSC trainer Winfried Schäfer . Möller was sentenced by the DFB sports court to a ban of two games and a fine of 10,000 DM. This made him the first player ever to be banned by the DFB because of a swallow. National coach Berti Vogts temporarily took him out of the national team.
  • For the Italian national soccer team , the end of the 2002 World Cup came in the round of 16 against South Korea through Golden Goal . The Italians had their own golden goal withdrawn in controversial referee decisions and their star Francesco Totti was sent off for an alleged swallow inside the penalty area.
  • During their time in England, Jürgen Klinsmann and Cristiano Ronaldo caused more controversy because they were said to have a penchant for swallows ( divers ).
  • Towards the end of the first half of the season, Norbert Meier , the then coach of MSV Duisburg, headed Albert Streit on the sidelines during a Bundesliga game against 1. FC Köln on December 6, 2005 and then dropped himself backwards. Dispute was then expelled from the court, Meier received a provisional professional ban for this "swallow" by the sports court of the DFB by injunction on December 7th. Thereupon Meier was initially suspended from his association and released on December 8, 2005. On December 15, 2005, Meier was banned from exercising a coaching activity for three months by the sports court of the German Football Association in single judge proceedings after charges were brought by the DFB control committee for unsportsmanlike conduct in the form of assault against the then Cologne player dispute. Meier was also fined 12,500 euros. The ban expired on March 7, 2006.
  • The Mexican soccer player and current coach Hugo Sánchez was known for often hidden fouls and swallows.
  • The German FIFA referee Wolfgang Stark was deployed at the U-20 World Cup in Canada in 2007 , but was the focus of serious tumult following the semi-final match between Chile and Argentina . Chilean players felt at a massive disadvantage because Argentines provoked some yellow and red cards against Chilean players by swallows. During the game, after a controversial decision by Stark, Chilean players prevented one of their fans from attacking Stark, after the game both players and spectators attacked Stark, who was only able to leave the pitch protected by stewards. In the riot that followed, the Canadian police temporarily arrested several Chilean players.
  • The Albanian soccer player Fatmir Vata had the reputation of the swallow king, which is also caused by the fact that some opponents only knew how to stop him with a foul due to his liveliness.
  • In the opening game of the 2014 World Cup against Croatia, Fred played by storm and hit the global headlines with a swallow: He dropped in the 70th minute of the game when the score was 1: 1 after being touched by defender Dejan Lovren in the penalty area and complained about it a penalty that he was actually awarded.
  • In the first semi-final game for the DFB-Pokal in 2016, FC Bayern Munich scored the 2-0 final score against SV Werder Bremen in the 71st minute with an incorrectly given penalty after a swallow by Bayern player Arturo Vidal . The referee Tobias Stieler apologized for his wrong decision after the game. The swallow had no consequences for Arturo Vidal.

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