Senate Dehnkamp

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The Senate Dehnkamp served as the Bremen state government from July 20, 1965 to November 28, 1967 .

Senate Dehnkamp
from July 20, 1965
President of the Senate, Mayor Willy Dehnkamp SPD
Deputy President of the Senate, Mayor Hans Koschnick SPD
Interior Hans Koschnick SPD
Justice, Constitution and Church Affairs Ulrich Graf FDP
Finances Johann Diedrich Noltenius until January 19, 1966
Rolf Speckmann
construction Wilhelm bubble SPD
Ports, Shipping and Transport Georg Borttscheller FDP
Economy and foreign trade Karl Eggers SPD
Work and health Karl Weßling SPD
education Moritz Thape SPD
Welfare and youth Annemarie Mevissen SPD