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Shibusa Shirazu at the Swiss Poschiavo Festival (2005)

Shibusa Shirazu ( Japanese 渋 さ 知 ら ズ ) is a 40-piece Japanese jazz ensemble. In the group, jazz musicians perform together with butoh dancers and performance artists . The name is made up of Japanese 渋 さ shibusa , German 'coolness' and Japanese 知 ら ズ shirazu , German 'don't know, unaffected' .


The Shibusa Shirazu Orchestra was founded in Tokyo in 1989 on the occasion of a theater performance by bassist Daisuke Fuwa.

In 1992 they made their first appearance in Tokyo. Meanwhile they also play in front of other, larger audiences, especially at festivals. The festival founder Burkhard Hennen discovered it in 1997 in Yokohama on an improvised stage in the form of an amphitheater with bulldozers . He invited them to Germany to his Moers Festival next year , where they later had three more appearances.

The Shibusa Shirazu Orchestra has been traveling the world since 1998, performing in Russia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, France and Germany, among others. Since 2000, it has also performed regularly at the Fuji Rock Festival .

The group around the founder Daisuke Fuwa received numerous Japanese jazz awards.

Shibusa Shirazu (2005)

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