Silver beaks

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Silver beaks
Indian silver beak (E. malabarica)

Indian silver beak ( E. malabarica )

Order : Passerines (Passeriformes)
Subordination : Songbirds (passeri)
Superfamily : Passeroidea
Family : Fine finches (Estrildidae)
Subfamily : Lonchurinae
Genre : Silver beaks
Scientific name
Reichenbach , 1862

The silver beaks or pheasants ( Euodice ) are a genus of the finch family .


Within the fine finch family, the silver beaks are considered one of the original genera. They presumably have common ancestors with the magpies and pearl neck samadines . In the ornithological literature, the species are sometimes assigned to the genus Lonchura (bronze male), but only recently (Clements 2007) has the genus been recognized again. The scientific name of the genus is derived from the ancient Greek name components ευ ( eu , good, fine) and ωδικος ( ōdikos , musical, singing) and refers to the song.

Distribution area

The species of this genus have two very widely spaced distribution areas. The African silver beak is distributed across the African continent from Senegal and Mauritania via Niger , Chad and Sudan to Ethiopia and Kenya . The Indian silver beak, on the other hand, is found in India , Pakistan , Sri Lanka and the eastern region of Oman .




Individual evidence

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