Skeleton construction

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Schematic representation of the skeleton construction
Shell construction of a half-timbered house in Egerland May 2013
Reinforced concrete frame construction

In architecture and construction, skeleton construction (sometimes also called skeleton construction ) is a type of supporting structure of a building . The shell of the building is composed of elements that have a primarily load-bearing function. Like a skeleton , this creates a supporting structure.

In the following, the skeleton structure is clad with a facade (skin or shell ) and the interior is usually expanded with non-load-bearing walls. In contrast to the solid construction , the load-bearing, vertical components of the skeleton construction often do not take on the final function of the room . An exception to this are, among other things, some types of prefabricated construction - for example timber frame construction - in which the load-bearing elements are prefabricated for the purpose of interior construction .


Typical building materials for skeleton construction are wood , steel and reinforced concrete , i.e. materials that can span large spans and, if necessary , can be put together modularly .

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