Skyscraper (1996)

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German title Skyscraper
Original title Skyscraper
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1996
length 92 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director Raymond Martino
script William Applegate
Joseph John Barmettler
production Joseph Merhi
Richard Pepin
music Jim Halfpenny
camera Frank Harris
cut Kevin Mock

Skyscraper is an American action film from the year 1996 with Anna Nicole Smith in the lead role.


Carrie Wink is a helicopter pilot who works for a helicopter taxi service. Her husband is police detective Gordon Wink who works for the LAPD .

The South African criminal Fairfax is looking for four special electronic devices with which he can change the balance of power in the world. He was able to obtain three of the devices through fraud and violence. The fourth device is said to be in the Zitex building, an 86-story skyscraper in Los Angeles .

Carrie is called on an assignment. She is supposed to fly two people, Fairfax and his assistant Jacques, to the Zitex building. With the help of its people, Fairfax can bypass the building's security system, turn off the security guards and take control of an entire floor. He meets with Cranston, who owns the fourth device. Fairfax wants to kill Cranston, but Cranston is seriously injured and escapes with the suitcase the device is in. He meets Carrie who leads him to the roof. There he hands her the suitcase with the warning not to let it fall into the hands of the South African.

Carrie hides the suitcase and takes care of a boy whose mother was gunned down by the criminals. She asks a surviving security guard for his weapon. Now Carrie goes to the floor where the hostages are. She sets waste bins on fire so that the warning system alerts the fire department. She also wants to make the surveillance monitors unusable. But she is captured by Fairfax, who promises her freedom in return for the suitcase. Carrie witnesses a male hostage being shot after offering as a ransom money stolen from computer fraud for his freedom. Carrie reveals where the suitcase is and is locked in a room with a guard.

Unaware that his wife is in the building, Gordon investigates what happened around Fairfax. Unaware that his wife is in danger, he accidentally finds her cell phone near the Zitex building. Now he's worried about Carrie, who is being harassed by her guardian. She can injure him with a knife and eventually shoot him. After shooting another terrorist, she can free the hostages. Gordon finds himself in a hand-to-hand battle with a terrorist but is saved by his wife.

Fairfax has now found the device. He kills his helper Jacques and rushes to the roof to be flown out by Carrie. Gordon is also on the roof and is shot by Fairfax. Carrie arrives and kicks the gun out of Fairfax's hand. After a brief struggle, Carrie Fairfax falls from the roof of the skyscraper. Carrie and Gordon take care of the boy and take him downstairs. There he meets his mother, who is being looked after by paramedics.


The lexicon of international film described the work as "an unimaginative, brutal action film, which brings its thin story with great effort to the length of a feature film and in which every scene proves the awkwardness of its makers."

The film magazine Cinema put the main focus on the physical qualities of the former photo model Anna Nicole Smith: "A consolation: In a film with Anna Nicole Smith there is always something outstanding, according to Russ Meyer!"


The film was designed as a direct-to-video production and started on July 24, 1996 in the USA. In Germany he appeared just five days later.

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