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Social extra
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description Trade journal
Area of ​​Expertise Social work , social policy
language German
publishing company Springer VS ( Germany )
Headquarters Wiesbaden
First edition 1976
Frequency of publication bi-monthly
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Sozial Extra is a German-language magazine for theory and practice of social work and related disciplines.


The specialist magazine Sozial Extra looks back on an eventful history. Its beginnings are rooted in a conflict over the conceptual design of the educational magazine , which was published by Beltz in Weinheim at the time, concerns: erbildung (1967–1986; later pedagogy today , now pedagogy ).

The Pädex publishing house in Bensheim arose from this conflict . The owners were the employees of the publishing house, which at that time was considered exemplary and worth emulating for other alternative businesses.

As a desired alternative and competition to concerns: education appeared there päd.extra (1973–1995). The addressees were especially politically interested and committed educators .

For social work , the specialist journal päd.extra Sozialarbeit (1976–1982) appears three years after the publisher was founded , later renamed Extra Sozialarbeit (1982–1984) and finally published as Sozial Extra (since 1985).

The concern of this magazine was and is to this day the professionalization of training and practice in social work. The initially chosen subtitle Journal for Social Work, Social Policy and Social Movements was condensed into Journal for Social Work over time .

The magazine, founded by the no longer existing Pädex-Verlag, was later published by Leske + Budrich in Opladen, then by VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften in Wiesbaden, and is now published by Springer VS Fachmedien, also based in Wiesbaden.

Content design

Social Extra appears six times a year (February, April, June, August, October, December) and reports critically on topics, backgrounds and developments in social work and in social policy .

Each issue focuses on two key points: the heading Extra view is oriented professional practice, heading through view as a second focus discussed theoretical issues. In addition to this, the magazine basically contains five further sections: Insight, Current Keyword, Comment, Reviews, Short and sweet .

The Social Extra Advisory Board meets once a year to plan the topics for the following year.

Advisory board and editorial team

The editorial board consists of Kirsten Aner (Kassel), Manfred Baierl (Fulda), Margret Dörr (Mainz), Peter Herrmann (Rome) , Verena Klomann (Aachen), Michael Klundt (Magdeburg), Dirk Kratz (Landau), Nadia Kutscher (Cologne) ), Barbara Lochner (Kassel), Katharina Mangold (Hildesheim), Regina Rätz (Berlin), Martina Richter (Essen), Albert Scherr (Freiburg) , Wolfgang Schröer (Hildesheim), Helmuth Schweitzer (Duisburg), Werner Thole (Kassel) , Leonie Wagner (Holzminden), Sascha Weber (Magdeburg). The responsible editor is Detlef Ullenboom (Bochum).

Open Access

Springer Nature and the DEAL project have signed the world's most extensive open access transformation agreement. The contract allows authors from the more than 700 eligible German science and research institutions to publish their manuscripts in the Gold OA standard in Springer Nature Hybrid or pure OA journals. The transformative component of the agreement takes effect retrospectively as of January 1, 2020 and entitles authors to open access publication in Springer Nature's 1,900 hybrid journals, including Sozial Extra .

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