Game of the Gods - When Buddha discovered football

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German title Game of the Gods - When Buddha discovered football
Original title Phörpa
Country of production Bhutan , Australia
original language Tibetan
Publishing year 1999
length 93 minutes
Age rating FSK without age restriction
Director Khyentse Norbu
script Khyentse Norbu
production Hooman Majd ,
Malcolm Watson
music Phillip Beazley ,
Douglas Mills
camera Paul Warren
cut John Scott

Game of the Gods - When Buddha discovered football (Tibetan Phörpa ; English The Cup ) is a feature film by the Bhutanese monk and director Khyentse Norbu . It was created in 1999 based on a curious but true story. The film was the first to be produced by the Kingdom of Bhutan . The production was shot in Bir (India).


The story takes place in the summer of 1998 in a Buddhist monastery in northern India, at the time when the 1998 World Cup is being held in France . While two young men (uncle and nephew) have fled Tibet once again and are reaching the monastery to study and become monks there, the cheeky orgy infects the whole monastic community with his football fever. He has decorated his room with pictures of football and under his habit he wears an improvised Ronaldo jersey . Since he and his friends are not allowed to sneak out of the monastery at night to watch the games in the village, Orgyen has to come up with something. After he was able to convince the old and melancholy abbot to whom football is explained as a battle between two countries for a ball, he collects money for renting a television set. When he gave the watch, the only possession of one of the newcomers from Tibet, to the Indian lender as a deposit, he felt guilty despite the exciting final game.


"A colorful film that in a playful way shows a thoroughly worldly facet of introspective Buddhism and, as if by the way, deals with the spiritual challenges of the young monks."

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