Spine of God

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Spine of God
Studio album by Monster Magnet


1991 (Germany), February 28, 1992 (USA)



Label (s) Glitterhouse , Caroline Records

Genre (s)

Psychedelic rock , stoner rock

Title (number)

9 10 remaster version

running time


  • Joe Calandra - bass


Dave Wyndorf, John McBain

Studio (s)

Subterranean Sound, High Street , USA

Spine of God Superjudge

Spine of God is the first studio album by the US band Monster Magnet , not including the releases Tab and Monster Magnet , which are mostly referred to as EPs . It was released at the end of 1991 on the German label Glitterhouse , in the USA it was released in February 1992. Today it is considered a classic of the stoner rock genre.


The heavier, psychedelic rock sound was compared to Mudhoney , the early Soundgarden or faster songs by Saint Vitus . Only later was the term stoner rock established for this mixture.


After Monster Magnet had released their second EP with Tab in early 1991 (this was only released in the US in 1993), the band released Spine of God at the end of the year . For the album, two pieces from the self-titled debut EP from 1990 were re-recorded with Nod Scene and Snake Dance . A cover of Grand Funk Railroad , Sin's a Good Man's Brother was also recorded. The band then toured the USA with Soundgarden and Voivod and was able to win a contract with the major label A&M Records .


Uwe Deese from Rock Hard called the album his “current favorite noise”, but the record was “not for weak cliché metal nerves”. If Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath would hear the album, he would "be on his way out for good". Deese awarded 9.5 out of ten points. The magazine Visions put the album in 2005 on the 109th place of its "150 albums for eternity". Scott Alisoglu called the album a "legendary longplayer" on Blabbermouth.net and praised the "spacey aura" and the "addicting" songwriting . He also awarded 9.5 out of ten points. Allmusic's Jason Ankeny called Spine of God the "Metal album for people who hate metal albums". It is a “glorious and unapologetic celebration of pure abandon”. The rating was 4.5 out of five including the “AMG Album Pick” award.

Track list

  1. Pill Shovel (McBain / Wyndorf) - 4:00
  2. Medicine - 3:21
  3. Nod Scene (McBain / Wyndorf) - 6:46
  4. Black Mastermind (McBain / Wyndorf) - 8:13
  5. Zodiac Lung - 4:44
  6. Spine of God - 8:02
  7. Snake Dance - 3:10
  8. Sin's a Good Man's Brother ( Mark Farner ) - 3:31
  9. Ozium - 8:01
  10. Ozium (Demo) - 8:38 (bonus track from the re-release)

All songs were written by Dave Wyndorf unless otherwise noted. Spine of God was remastered in March 2006 with new artwork and booklet and a bonus track re-released.


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