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Regensburg State Library
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founding 1816 as the royal district library
Library type Regional library
place regensburg

The State Library of Regensburg (SBR) is a publicly accessible academic library of the humanities and sponsored by the Free State of Bavaria. It is the regional library of the Free State of Bavaria for the administrative region of Upper Palatinate . Your superior service authority is the Bavarian State Library .

As a scientific library , it is available to all interested parties from the region for scientific purposes as well as for professional work and advanced training.

The library's collection mandate includes the procurement, bibliographical indexing and archiving of publications on Regensburg and the Upper Palatinate administrative region . Since January 1, 1987, the State Library of Regensburg has been collecting, indexing and permanently archiving the mandatory copies from the Upper Palatinate administrative district on the basis of the Bavarian law on the delivery of mandatory items of August 6, 1986 .


The library has around 500,000 media units (printed matter, maps, digital media, microforms, etc.). Regional literature on Regensburg and the Upper Palatinate (over 5,500 titles) is also kept ready in a separate regional reading room. The Regensburg State Library is coordinating its holdings closely with the Regensburg University Library and the library of the Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule (OTH) Regensburg . In addition to the literature on regional studies and the works relevant to the special collections, particular areas are maintained that are procured to a lesser extent from the university library as well as from the library of the OTH, but are still in demand among the population.


In addition to 1,132 incunabula, the library holds numerous other treasures; including around 7,000 maps from the 16th to the 19th centuries, around 1,000 manuscripts primarily on the history of Regensburg as well as numerous autographs (e.g. Martin Luther , Max Reger ) and bequests (e.g. Heinz Schauwecker or Emmi Böck or Eduard von Schenk ).

Inclusion in the Google Books project

In 2014, the library announced that it was participating in Google books . Digitization was completed at the end of 2015. This means that 70,000 volumes of the old copyright-free inventory are now available online.


Around 20,000 titles from many fields of knowledge are currently held in the reading rooms. Literature not older than 100 years can usually be borrowed to take home. The availability of the stocks stored in-house is usually around an hour. A local lending network with the University Library of Regensburg and the library of the OTH Regensburg makes it possible to order lendable literature from these libraries to the State Library and to borrow it here. Conversely, the loanable holdings of the State Library can also be ordered there by the users of the named libraries.


The library was founded in 1816 as the royal library for the rain district. Its founding inventory consists essentially of the libraries that were dissolved as a result of the accession of the free imperial city of Regensburg to the Kingdom of Bavaria in 1810. This comprised around 35,000 volumes, plus around 7,000 historical maps and 15,000 dissertations.

Initially housed in the New Weigh Building on Haidplatz , the library moved into the building of the former Poeticum grammar school in 1876 , where it is still located today.


The library has been headed by Bernhard Lübbers since 2008 .


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