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State Library Neuburg an der Donau
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The State Library in Neuburg an der Donau. The building, built in 1730/31 as a prayer room for the “Brotherhood of the Sorrowful Mother of God under the Cross” based on plans by Franz Moritz von Loew, has been used as a library since 1804.

founding 1803
Duration 56,000 media
Library type scientific regional library
place Neuburg on the Danube
operator Free State of Bavaria
management Gerhard Robold

The Staatliche Bibliothek Neuburg an der Donau (SBND) is the regional library of the Free State of Bavaria for the district of Neuburg-Schrobenhausen .

As a scientific library , it is available to all interested parties from the region for scientific purposes as well as for professional work and advanced training.

The library's collection mandate includes the procurement, bibliographical indexing and archiving of publications on the district of Neuburg-Schrobenhausen (or the former districts of Neuburg and Schrobenhausen) and the Duchy of Palatinate-Neuburg .

Existence and use

The library has a holdings of approx. 56,000 media, including approx. 35,000 volumes of old printed material published up to 1900, over 8,500 non-book materials and almost 140 regularly kept periodicals and newspapers in non-electronic form. Annual access is around 400 media. In electronic form, the SBND has licensed over 14,000 magazines and newspapers as well as over 3,400 databases. The library provides 11 reading and workplaces, including 3 computer workstations with Internet access.

Historical library room

In the former congregation hall of the Marian Congregation for Men , in whose former building the library is housed, the furnishings of the monastery library of the former Cistercian monastery in Kaisheim from around 1730 are installed. Part of the old stock is also located there.

Old prints and rarities

Most of the Neuburg book collections come from the monasteries of Kaisheim ( Cistercians ), Obermedlingen ( Dominicans ) and Maria Mödingen ( Dominican Sisters ). Other holdings come from the monasteries of Oberalteich , Niederalteich , Pielenhofen , Dietramszell and Raitenhaslach as well as holdings from the former Neuburg court library. In addition, around 10,000 volumes were added from the former Jesuit college in Neuburg in 1822 .

There is a particularly large number of holdings from the fields of theology, general history, church history, historical auxiliary sciences, as well as geography (especially travelogues), jurisprudence, philosophy, philology and natural sciences.

In addition, the library has 435 incunabula and, as a valuable special collection, the library of the famous Augsburg humanist Hieronymus Wolf with 1241 titles in 647 volumes. There are 26 very valuable volumes in the holdings from the former library of the Neuburg Count Palatine and later Elector Ottheinrich .

Among all these valuable holdings are prints that are only available once in Germany.

Electronic library

The Neuburger online catalog contains nearly 320,000 titles data (February 2016) - including more than 200,000 e-media ( e-journals in full text , e-books and online databases as well as over 23,000 digital copies ) - with existing evidence of the libraries participating in the Neuburger composite (Number of media units):

  • State Library: 55,845 (full)
  • City Archives Library: 235
  • Descartes High School library : 22,237
  • Library of the Ernst Toller Society: 1,235 (complete)
  • Library of the Historical Society: 9,617
  • Study seminar library: 5,671

A total of 94,840 media units are recorded. It is used exclusively by the State Library.


In the course of secularization , numerous regional libraries were founded in Bavaria , such as B. in Amberg in Upper Palatinate . A proposal from the landscape of the province of Neuburg from 1802 was taken up, and on April 28, 1803 the then provincial library in Neuburg was founded as the central library for schools and administration by Elector Max IV Joseph .

Due to the blatant lack of space and the resulting improper accommodation, the Royal Ministry of the Interior for Church and School Affairs had a total of 134 manuscripts and 88 incunabula permanently transferred to the Royal Court and State Library in Munich in March 1909 .

1975 Exterior renovation of the library building. 1979/84 conversion and expansion (magazine with compact shelving system and reading room) as well as interior renovation of the building including the historical library room. During this time, limited operation in the rooms of the former Neuburg State Archives. 1985 official reopening.

Since 1985 participation in the Bavarian Library Association (BVB). 1993 Extension of the opening hours from 10 to 14 hours per week (with 1.5 positions for the entire library). Cooperation with academic libraries in Neuburg's institutions: Descartes High School (since 1994), Historical Association, Ernst Toller Society, study seminar (since 1997). 2003 Foundation of the Association of Friends and Patrons of the State Library (Provincial Library) Neuburg an der Donau . 2004/05 Introduction of the local library system SISIS-Sunrise from OCLC PICA .


Honorary management (1803–1975)


Part-time management (1976-2002)

  • Hermann Köstler (1976–1977)
  • Ernst R. Hauschka (1978–1988)
  • Helga Unger (1988-2002)

Local management (1983-2002)

  • Christian Oertel (1983–1984)
  • Rüdiger May (1985–1988)
  • Ralph Zaffrahn (1989–1992)
  • Gerhard Robold (1992-2002)

Full-time management (since 2003)


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