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Stefan Stirnemann (* September 1960 in Aarau ) is a Swiss grammar school teacher, classical philologist, translator and critic of the spelling reform .

Stirnemann studied Reformed theology and classical philology in Basel, obtained his licentiate and graduated with a licentiate thesis in German studies (The Old Language Grammar and the Frankfurt Scholars' Association for German Language) . From 1991 to 1993 he was a scholarship holder of the Swiss National Science Foundation for the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae project in Munich and was a grammar school teacher at the Friedberg grammar school in Gossau SG and at the Bündner Kantonsschule in Chur (Latin teacher).

Stirnemann is a founding member of the Swiss Orthographic Conference and other societies that criticize the spelling reform (Council for German Spelling e.V., German Language Research Group). In 2004 he published a festschrift for the poet Reiner Kunze , with contributions against the spelling reform.

He also attracted attention because he criticized the well-known style guide by Ludwig Reiners as a plagiarism of the style guide by the Jewish author Eduard Engel . In 2016/17 he published new editions of Engel's style primer, which had not been reprinted since 1931. He accused Reiner's National Socialist sentiments and compared the plagiarism with moving into an Aryanized apartment . After Reiner's son threatened him with legal consequences, he renewed the allegations in March 2019 in the online magazine Kritische Ausgabe in an open letter to Andreas Reiners.

He works on the project of the German translation of the Vulgate in the Tusculum Collection . He was also involved in the new edition of Apuleius' Golden Ass in The Other Library (among other things, he wrote the foreword).

He also wrote for the St. Galler Tagblatt and writes for the Swiss month .

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