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The pen (plural: the pens , from ahd. Steft "sting", "thorn") stands for:

  • Writing pen or drawing pen , a writing and drawing implement
  • Cleaning pen, a tool for cleaning in the form of a pen
  • Input pen , input device of a computer
  • a nail without a head or with a swaged head , d. H. an elongated, sharpened metal or wooden pin, the head of which hardly or not at all protrudes from the shaft
  • Pin (mechanical engineering) , cylindrical or conical machine element that connects, centers or secures machine parts
  • Contact pin, part of a connector
  • the hard end of a shoelace, see laces
  • Trainee (colloquial)
  • little boy (colloquial)
  • Pen , the egg of the queen bee, see Queen bee # origination

The stylus (plural: the pins , rare: the founders , of cause "bequeath") stands for:

  • an institution going back to a foundation , e.g. B. Hospital, school, retirement home
  • Short for Hochstift , a spiritual territory in the Holy Roman Empire
  • Stift (church) , a corporation with a foundation (mostly real estate) in the area of ​​the church (in Austria many monasteries are called Stift )
  • Frauenstift , a religious community for women who live in a monastery-like complex without taking vows
  • Stiftsgymnasium or Stiftsschule, an educational institution based on a foundation
  • Diocese (Scandinavia), Norway's historical province

The pen stands for:

  • Stiftgeld , an annual donation to the landlord

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