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different types of pens

The pen (from Old High German stiff "sting, thorn"; " stiff "; "something small, of little value") is a writing and drawing implement .

Pens were probably among the first tools that humans used. The oldest evidence dates back to the Stone Age , in which simple wooden sticks were used to make incisions in clay , which can often be found together with cave paintings . (see also Stilus )

With the emergence of the early advanced civilizations , the pen ( calamus ) took the place of the writing stick . In the course of time, this was replaced by brushes and nibs , which were considered more elegant and could also be used on paper , while the pens of that time were only used as scratching tools. In late antiquity , only a few runes and cuneiform scripts and sculptors used pens.

In the Middle Ages , pencils made of lead , silver or tin were used , but they only drew a very thin and pale line. In the late Middle Ages, after all, you, modern began pencils of a wood with framed piece of lead (in the form of mines ) to produce.

From the 16th century onwards, lead was replaced by graphite , which produced a thicker line and was also easier to use on paper because you did not have to press as hard as before.

Later on, other leads were used (glued pigments for colored pencils) and ink-carrying constructions were developed.

Some types of pens:

In addition to their conventional function as writing implements, pens are also used to train dexterity in pen spinning .

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