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Forehead of a young man

With forehead (plural foreheads, Latin frons ; also Vorhaupt or front main ) of the higher-than-eye part of the face of man , mammals referred and other animals.

In humans, the forehead begins above the eye sockets and ends at the hairline . It is bounded laterally by the temples . The bony base of the forehead is called the frontal bone ( Os frontale ), in which the paired frontal sinus (also frontal sinus , sinus frontalis ), a sinus of the nose, is located.

With so-called frowning , wrinkles form on the forehead, which become more and more prominent in old age. This movement of the forehead skin is made possible by a facial muscle , the frontalis muscle . Some people try to draw conclusions about the person from the wrinkle lines on the forehead (→ metoposcopy ).


  • one thing to defy = fearlessly confront a thing
  • he has the forehead to claim ... = he is so brazen (outrageous) to claim ...
  • a high forehead have = jokingly for: a bald have
  • In Schiller's " Song of the Bell " there is a much quoted line: " The sweat must be hot from the forehead, "
  • to do something with an iron forehead = unshakable; inexorable

As end or end face of the front side or the front side is often an object or a building designated.

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