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legal form GmbH & Co. KG
founding 1901
Seat Wuppertal, Germany
management Selahattin Servi (since 2007)
Number of employees 600
sales approx. 130 million euros
Branch Manufacturer of electrical engineering / electronics
Status: 2017

The Stocko Contact GmbH & Co. KG (proper spelling STOCKO ) is a medium-sized German company in the field of electrical engineering and manufacturer of electro-mechanical fasteners. The main customers for these components are the household appliance and heating industries, the automotive industry, the lighting industry and mechanical engineering. The connecting elements are installed in stoves, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, small household appliances, drinks machines, gaming machines and automobiles, among other things.

The company's headquarters, which was founded in 1901, is in Wuppertal . Production and assembly sites are located in Hellenthal , Andlau , Sokolov and Shanghai . In association with Wieland Holding there are 14 locations worldwide with a total of 2,200 employees, including 600 at Stocko .

Stocko has been part of Wieland Holding since 1998, alongside Wieland Electric GmbH based in Bamberg .

Corporate structure

Aerial view of the Hellenthal branch
Wieland Holding
Wieland Electric GmbH
  • Founded in 1910
Manufacturer of electrical connection technology and electronics
  • Financially independent family business
Stocko Contact GmbH & Co. KG



Alfred Aders, Heinrich Pfeiffer and Johann August Stock founded the company Stock & Co. in Wuppertal- Sonnborn in 1901. In their factory they primarily manufactured hollow rivets , eyelets and snap fasteners . They were used, among other things, on shoes or in sports belts with leather bags and were exported to East Asia , South America and Africa . In 1911 a branch was established in Hellenthal. Stock & Co. employed 110 people at that time. In the following two decades, the button factory was expanded into a small metal goods factory. The name Stocko , which was already used as a brand name, became part of the company name from 1923. In addition to the still existing Stock & Co. KG metal goods and celluloid goods factories , Stocko GmbH was established .

From the mid-1920s, Stock & Co. KG pushed for full automation in series production and developed special attaching machines and tools for this purpose. In 1926, the newly established production plant in Leningrad saw the first efforts to expand abroad. A second plant followed in 1933 with Stocko Metal Works in England after the plant in Leningrad had been sold to the Russian state. 1929 developed floor & Co. KG from the shoe eyelet with a solder, the solder lug .

From the 1930s to the Second World War , the company grew, opening branches in Malmedy and Antwerp as well as in Frankenstein . In 1935 it employed over 500 people; two years later over 1,000. In 1937, the two companies Stock & Co. KG and Stocko were merged to form an open trading company called Stocko Metallwarenfabriken Hugo and Kurt Henkels .

1940 to 1990

Stocko brand 8mm film box , 1960s
Glassless slide frames for the 35mm format

In 1940 1,800 people worked at Stocko . As a result of the Second World War, the plants in Belgium, Silesia and England were lost; the number of employees fell to 300 at the end of the war. After the war, the company manufactured plastic film reels and expanded the product range to include tape reels and slide frames, for example . Alarm clocks were also made. From the experience in plastics technology, in connection with the existing facilities, the production of insulating housings for multiple connectors later developed, which is the core business today. In 1951, the year of its 50th anniversary, Stocko employed 1,000 people again. In the 1950s, the foundations followed by subsidiaries in France and England and 1960 in Zurich the Stocko Metallwaren AG .

In the years that followed, expansion abroad continued. In 1971 Stocko France SA was relocated from Barr in Alsace to neighboring Andlau. A year later, the Belgian subsidiary Stockobel SPRL was founded in Malmedy, where a Stocko plant had already existed before the war .

At the beginning of the 1980s, the total workforce in Germany and abroad numbered 1,700. Almost 60 million parts left the various plants every day. The plant in Andlau was enlarged by 2,000 m² in 1980, and in 1987 the production area in Malmedy more than doubled. The then new video archive cassettes have been manufactured since 1982.


In 1994 the closure technology division was sold to the Japanese group YKK and continued under the name Stocko Fasteners GmbH in the Sonnborn district of Wuppertal. The Stocko core business that remained in the Vohwinkel district continued to focus on connection technology. In 1997 a settlement application was filed for the company , but it was averted. In 1998, the Wieland Group in Bamberg the Stocko Metallwarenfabriken Henkel & Sohn GmbH & Co . Business operations continued under the new name of Stocko Contact GmbH & Co. KG .

In 2001 Stocko celebrated its 100th anniversary. A total of 550 employees now work at four locations (Wuppertal, Hellenthal, Andlau and Malmedy).

In 2009 the plant in Malmedy was closed in the wake of the financial crisis and production was relocated to Hellenthal.

Business areas and product portfolio

RAST 5 connector
RAST 5 connector

The company is mainly present in four markets:

  • Home appliance technology
  • Heating technology
  • Automotive
  • Industry

In the household appliance technology sector, Stocko describes itself as a leading manufacturer of electromechanical components that are used in power and control circuits.

In particular, connector systems with insulation displacement , crimp or solder connections, RAST connectors , solderless connectors, crimp contacts, customer-specific special developments and processing systems for all Stocko products are manufactured. In lighting technology, the company produces components for use in headlights, in the engine compartment, in the dashboard or in electric mirrors. Production is often automated.

The turnover of the entire portfolio was around 115 million euros in 2016, and almost 130 million euros in 2017.


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