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Basic data
State : IcelandIceland Iceland
Region: Vestfirdir
Constituency : Norðvesturkjördæmi
Sýsla : Strandasýsla
Population: 449 (January 1, 2019)
Surface: 1906 km²
Population density: 0.24 inhabitants / km²
Post Code: 510, 512 (Hólmavík)
500 (Staður)
Community number 4911
Mayor: Ásdís Leifsdóttir
Address of the municipal administration: Hafnarbraut 19
510 Hólmavík
Location of Strandabyggð

Coordinates: 65 ° 42 ′  N , 21 ° 40 ′  W


Strandabyggð is a municipality in the Vestfirðir region in northwest Iceland .

On January 1, 2019, the municipality had 449 inhabitants, 322 of whom lived in the main town of Hólmavík.


Strandabyggð was formed in June 2006 through the merger of the previous rural communities Hólmavík ( Isl . Hólmavíkurhreppur ) and Broddanes (Isl. Broddaneshreppur ). The alternative name suggestions Strandahreppur and Sveitarfélagið Strandir could not prevail among the electorate.


Driftwood, which used to be the main source of income for the Hólmavík area; in the background the Drangsnes peninsula
Map of the region around Hólmavík

The rural community Hólmavík (Isl. Hólmavíkurhreppur ) was formed on June 9, 2002 through the merger of the former rural community Hólmavíkurhreppur with the rural community Kirkjubólshreppur.


The main town Hólmavík (Eng. "Island Bay") is located on the west bank of the Steingrímsfjörður fjord on the east side of the Vestfirðir region. The place has been the district's trading center for about 100 years. The main source of income - as can be seen at times from the colorful boats - is fishing. This has given the place relative wealth. The importance of Hólmavík as an administrative center for the area is also proven by a small hospital and a secondary school on site.

Transport links

Hólmavík is located on Djúpvegur S61 , which continues over the mountains to Ísafjörður . The distance to Reykjavík is 273 kilometers by road.


The small, light, wood-clad church Hólmavíkurkirkja , which stands on a hill above the town, and the port of the former shark fishing center are particularly worth seeing .

The Museum of Magic ( Galdrasafn ) in the village, which relates to the history of the alleged witches and wizards in Iceland and especially in the Strandir region , as well as the Museum of Sheep Breeding ( Sauðfjársafn ) located a little outside the village towards Reykjavík, illuminate the past and present the area.


Storm magic in the Galdrasafn

The rural community Broddanes (Isl. Broddaneshreppur ) was formed on January 1, 1992 by the merger of the two rural communities Fell ( Fellshreppur ) and Óspakseyri ( Óspakseyrarhreppur ).

Former parishes

Hólmavík Broddanes
Municipality number: 4,910 4,909
Area in km²: 1,610 296
Population on Dec. 1, 1997: 548 (area status 2002) 94
Population on Dec. 1, 2003: 494 54
Population on December 1st, 2004: 462 53
Population on Dec. 1, 2005: 447 53
Population change 1997-2005: -18% -44%

In 2006, after a long period of time, the population grew again and continued in 2007.

Town twinning

Within Iceland there is a city partnership with Raufarhöfn .

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