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T or t (pronounced: [ tʰeː ]) is the 19th letter of the classical and the 20th letter of the modern Latin alphabet . It's a consonant . The letter T has an average frequency of 6.15% in German texts. This makes it the seventh most common letter in German texts .

The letter T in the finger alphabet (Germany, Luxembourg, French-speaking Switzerland)

The finger alphabet for the deaf or hard of hearing represents the letter T by pointing the closed hand to the left while the index finger is stretched to the left. The thumb rests on the index finger and points upwards.


Cross (protosinaitic) Phoenician taw Greek dew Etruscan T. Latin T
Cross (protosinaitic) Phoenician taw Greek dew Etruscan T. Latin T

The early form of the letter in the Protosinaite script is a cross. The meaning of this symbol is unclear, it was probably a marking. The Phoenicians gave the letter the name Taw , with the sound value [t]. In both the Protosinaite and Phoenician scripts, the Taw could also be written horizontally, in a form similar to the X.

In the Greek alphabet , the letter was added as tau . The Greeks used the pointed shape of the Taw. Even in early Greek, however, the crossbar moved to the top of the letter.

The Etruscans, and after them the Romans, adopted the letter as T. They did not change the sound value or appearance.


“To pronounce it: dt th be equal to one another on the tongue, ainer represents the other, as is usually the case with crawling. AVENTIN. 4, 22, 31; the d with its same t penetrates the tongue at the top of the gums, tugging the lower scene with the tip, and if the athem is hauled out with force, it is t, but if it is lind trucking, it is a d. P. JORDAN leyenschul (1533) A 7b; the t is a tough coherent .. when you say it, you open your teeth a little and dig your tongue against your lower teeth, and you have to push it out with force, as it were. ZESEN rosenm. "

- according to Grimm's dictionary

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