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J̌ ǰ

The letter ǰ is a letter of the Latin writing system , consisting of a J with Hatschek . According to ISO 9 this is ǰ the transliteration of the Cyrillic letter Ј . However, it is also used in numerous unofficial transliteration systems, for example in the Abkhaz alphabet the ǰ is the transliteration of the Џ , in the classical Mongolian script it is the transliteration of the , and in the Armenian alphabet the transliteration of the Ջ .

Presentation on the computer

Unicode contains the J with Hatschek at code point U + 01F0 (lower case letter). The capital letter J̌ is not included as a prefabricated character in Unicode and must therefore be encoded as U + 004A U + 030C .

In TeX you can form the bilden with the commands \v Jand \v\j.

Individual evidence

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