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Tactless, 2005
Tactless, 2005
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God (with gynecologist )
  DE 8th 06/02/2017 (2 weeks)
  AT 40 06/09/2017 (1 week)
  CH 57 06/04/2017 (1 week)

Taktloss (born July 4, 1975 in Berlin , also Taktlo $$ ; civil: Kingsly Defounga ) is a German rapper .


Taktloss was part of the writer group GHS (“Ghetto Stars”) in the 1990s and had achieved a certain fame in the hip-hop scene . In the mid-1990s he was considered the “most wanted sprayer in Berlin”, and his Tag Level could be found in many places.

Taktloss was active as MC from the beginning of the open mic sessions at the Bar Royal Bunker . Here he also got to know the later line-up of the underground band MOR , of which he co-founded and became a member in the late 1990s. He was first known to a wider public in 1999 through television appearances together with Kool Savas as West Berlin Masculine , who separated again in April 2000 after disputes.

In early 2001 Taktloss released “Battle Reimpriorität Nr. 7” (BRP 7) on the Home Recordings label . He then founded his own label FDB Rekordz (Fick Die Biaaatch Rekordz). Besides his solo albums, he has recorded some collaboration albums with friends.

Really stingy

Under his alter ego Real Geizt , tactless speaks in a disguised voice. Real stinginess can be heard on BRP 4 in the song I'm not less than you wish to be as well as on the 2013 album Imitierte Signals with Splidttercrist ( Justus ). You can also hear Real Geizt auf Zukunft (BRP 7), Ganxta Boogy (BRP 56), Kaos (WWW) on the tape by Splidttercrist ( Im Scar Garden ), on the joint album with Justus ( Aus Liebe ) and on the Collabo album Imitated signals with Splidttercrist.

In 2017, 17 years after the announcement in the song I'm Not Less Than You Wish You were on (BRP 4Life), an entire album by Real Miser, entitled As prophesied, was released .



year title Sound carrier comment
1998 BattleReimpriority cassette -
1999 BRP2 cassette -
2000 brp 3 CD -
2000 BRP 4Life CD -
2001 Battle priority # 7 CD / vinyl indexed
2004 BRP 56 CD -
2016 BRP 56 vinyl red vinyl, limited to 300 copies
2016 The last mixtape / The last EP CD Limited to 2500 pieces, mixed by Boba Fettt + 4 unreleased songs
2017 As prophesied Digital / vinyl released under the alter ego Real Geizt, the album on vinyl was only sold at concerts

Collaboration albums

Cover of the album Dogma (Against Time)
year Artist title Sound carrier comment
1997 West Berlin masculine Hoes, flows, moneytoes Cassette & vinyl West Berlin masculine = Kool Savas & Taktloss. The vinyl version is partially censored
2000 West Berlin masculine Battlekings CD & vinyl -
2004 Taktloss & Abstract Rude These walls 12 " EP
2004 Taktloss & Jack Orsen Straight out of jail (you spunk) CD -
2005 Taktloss & MC Basstard Dogma (against time) CD + DVD -
2006 Taktloss & Justus Out of love CD produced by Mik Baba
2007 Taktloss & The Rifleman WWW (World Wide Werds / Welt Weite Worts) CD & vinyl produced by Keyza Soze
2012 Taktloss & Justus (as Real Geizt & Splidttercrist) Imitated signals Free download & vinyl produced by DJ Illvibe Vinyl limited to 350 copies.
2017 Taktloss & gynecologist God CD / download / streaming Fuck the Biaaatch Rekordz / Proletik / Original underground cassette (100% exclusive 4-track recordings) DE # 8


year title Sound carrier comment
2003 Phuuuk the Beeeatch / Sunshine 7 " -
2006 One Orgy (ft. King Orgasmus One) / All Coast (ft. The Visonaires) vinyl -

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