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The Themis trust center against sexual harassment and violence is an institution supported by associations and unions in the film and television industry as well as representatives of producers , broadcasters, theaters and orchestras in Germany and, as a cross-industry trust center, is intended to offer those affected from across the creative industries the opportunity to To address concerns in a protected framework. After violent and sexual assaults in the film industry became known, a sponsoring association was founded on May 31, 2018 to support the trust agency . The work of the trust agency started in October 2018.


The trust center is aimed at victims of sexual harassment and violence and is initially limited to the film, television, theater and orchestral sectors, but can be expanded to include the entire media , music and other cultural branches through the participation of other institutions . In addition to receiving and examining complaints and supporting those affected, the focus is on dealing with and preventing sexual harassment and violence.


The background to this is the so-called #MeToo debate , which sparked a broad discussion on addictions and abuse of power through to sexual assault in the cultural and media industries. It has become clear that there is a need for action in particular where there are often only short-term employment relationships, where many self-employed people work and the resulting high levels of dependency, e.g. B. through the central importance of recommendations exist.


The Minister of State for Culture and Media made 100,000 euros available to the sponsoring association for the development phase . After that, a proportionate further funding from the budget of the Ministry of Culture is planned. The following institutions also contribute to the financing:

  • ARD: 40,000 euros / p. a.
  • German stage association: 15,000 euros / p. a.
  • ZDF: 15,000 euros / p. a.
  • VAUNET: 15,000 euros / p. a.
  • German producer alliance: 10,000 euros / p. a.


The BFFS legal advisor, Bernhard Störkmann and Barbara Rohm from Pro Quote Film, acted as provisional board members until July 1, 2019. With effect from July 1, 2019, Barbara Rohm will continue to be active. Eva Hubert (former management of the Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein GmbH ) and Horst Brendel (former legal advisor at NDR ) were newly elected as honorary board members .

Members of the sponsoring association

The Interest Association for Synchronized Actors, which was a founding member, merged with the Federal Acting Association in September 2018.

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