Theobald František von Dewaldt

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Theobald Franz (František) von Dewaldt , from 1679 baron (* before 1640 in Nordhagen in the prince-bishopric of Paderborn ; † August 9, 1701 in Prague , Bohemia ) was a cavalry master of the Imperial Army and a relative of Johann von Sporck .


Coat of arms of Dewaldt

Born as Franz Nolte and coming from a large farming background, Theobald Franz von Dewaldt was Rittmeister and company commander under his relative Johann von Sporck during the Thirty Years' War . Later he served like Sporck under General Raimondo Montecuccoli . In Hungary he fought with Montecuccoli against the Turks and with his riders played a major role in the victory at St. Gotthardt an der Raab on August 1, 1664. Montecuccoli praised him at the emperor with the words that he “had two squadrons who were already crushed Standt “could bring and lead again against the enemy.

On April 13, 1665, he was raised to the nobility. From then on, Nolte was allowed to call himself Noldt von Delbrück. He remained in his relative's regiment and was probably involved in the Hungarian Zrinski-Frankopan conspiracy against Emperor Leopold I in the suppression of the rebels.

In 1679 he was raised to Baron von Dewaldt. In other sources, the name of Dewaldt is also given as von Dewald. The name Dewaldt seems more likely. In the directory of the nobility of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia there is later a Johann Georg Freiherr von Dewaldt, whose relationship to Theobald Franz (František) von Dewaldt is unclear.

Theobald Franz (František) von Dewaldt died in Prague in 1701. His grave can be found in the monastery of St. Catherine in Prague.

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