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The Theologische Revue (ThRv) is a scientific journal for the fields of theology and religious studies that only publishes reviews. It was founded in Münster in 1902 , is published by Aschendorff Verlag (Münster) and is published by the professors of the Catholic Theological Faculty of the University of Münster . The ThRv is related to its evangelical counterpart, the Theological Literature Newspaper, in terms of intent and concept .


The Theological Revue was founded in 1902 by Franz Diekamp and appeared for the first time on January 4th of the same year by Aschendorff-Verlag. Due to the two world wars, the 50th year could not appear until 1954. The decisive event for the Theological Review in the post-war period was the Second Vatican Council , which became the symbol of the renewal of the Catholic Church. In the post-conciliar publications of the journal, the redefinition of the doctrine and life of the Catholic Church was included in accordance with the needs of the time. This development led to the Theological Review growing into a communication platform for leading theologians. The revue also showed the increasing polycentrism of the church and theology, especially since the entire Münster faculty adopted a global orientation. As a result, the dialogue with the other religions as well as an international orientation and thus the greater consideration of concerns from other parts of the world became increasingly important. Another phase of upheaval was the 1970s and 1980s, in which the coming to terms with National Socialism and the changing political conditions influenced the choice of topics. Space was given to more recent developments within Catholic theology : feminist theology, the question of postmodernism , the relationship between theology and culture, newer philosophy, neurobiology and border issues between theology and science. In 2002, the 100th anniversary of the Theological Review was celebrated in a ceremony.

Editor and editor


  • No. 1, January 4, 1902: Franz Diekamp
  • 1902–1908: August Bludau and Franz Diekamp
  • from year 8 / 1909–1925: Franz Diekamp
  • from year 25/1926: Franz Diekamp and Arnold Struker
  • from year 42/1943: Arnold Struker
  • Born in 44/1948 or later: Published by the Catholic Theological Faculty of the University of Münster
  • from year 105/2009: change of the editorial board to "... by the professors of the Catholic Theological Faculty of the University of Münster"


Objective and task

To this day, the Theological Review is in the spirit of the 2nd Vatican Council, ie its main concern is the constant renewal of the Catholic Church and theology in view of the current situation of the time. The aim of the revue is to introduce the national and international readership to the latest scientific developments and tendencies in the field of theology and its border sciences. The magazine works across denominations as well as internationally .

Structure and frequency of publication

The ThRv publishes six issues per year. In each issue there is a leading article that addresses a current research topic within theology based on the relevant new publications and represents a collective review or a literature report. The leading article is followed by reviews of recent books. The review section is divided into specialist areas; In each issue, reviews from around ten areas are published. In addition to the reviews, there are also short advertisements for individual books as well as a bibliography of compilations , commemorative journals and magazines that have been newly published but not reviewed in the ThRv. The first issue of the year is a year directory attached with all reviews of last year. In addition, the second edition of the year will publish an overview of all theological dissertations and habilitation theses that were written in the German-speaking area in the past academic year.

The Theological Revue has also been published monthly as a freely accessible online magazine since January 2020.

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