Thunderbolt (Polish band)

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General information
Genre (s) Black metal
founding 1993
resolution 2007
Last occupation
Paimon (Blazey Adamczuk)
Vocals, guitar
former members
Galan Dracos
Jacek Melnicki
Guitar, keyboard

Thunderbolt was a Polish black metal band that was included in the NSBM scene in Poland in the 1990s .


The band was founded in 1993 by Paimon, but did not bring out their first demo called Beyond Christianity until 1996 , this was later reissued as Split -MC with Demo North by the Polish band Kataxu , with whom there is a good relationship; Paimon met Piaty in 1994 and counts him to his best and most loyal friends. After the demo, Paimon gave up the position on drums as he didn't have his own and preferred to work with more talented and experienced drummers. Later an EP called Dark Clouds over Black Majesty was released , which was re-released as a split with Kataxus Roots Thunder . After the recording of Dark Clouds over Black Majesty , Paimon and then bassist Galan Dracos were arrested on suspicion of attempted church arson. Thunderbolt's drummer Uldor received a four-year prison sentence and was also suspected of murdering a homeless man. Cezar, the main culprit in the murder case, was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

In 2001 the debut The Sons of the Darkness appeared on the right-wing rock label Resistance Records , which received mostly positive reviews. It marks the way away from the dark and very atmospheric first works of the band to a more technical style of the band, but keyboards are still used here, which are no longer available on later albums. In the same year keyboardist Jacek Melnicki founded the band Riverside with other musicians .

In 2003 and 2004 the albums The Burning Deed of Deceit and Inhuman Ritual Massmurder followed , which also received good reviews, but were perceived rather negatively by the fans of the old pieces. In 2007 the last album Apocalyptic Doom was released , after which the band split up because Paimon emigrated to Norway , where he is now active under the name Skyggen with Gorgoroth .


In the early years the members held pagan positions. From the debut album onwards, the pagan views were dropped in favor of the satanism common in black metal , with Paimon claiming that Thunderbolt was a satanic band from the start. The members also represented right-wing extremist positions in their early days, which is why the band was assigned to the National Socialist Black Metal ; on the demo and its split re-release the band declared: "Jews, niggers, arabs and other bastards can fuck off !!!" . The band was temporarily under contract with Darker Than Black Records from Germany. Based on Adolf Hitler's opinion of the Slavs, Paimon declared that he was aware of this and that critics knew nothing about the Polish NSBM scene. Some members were or are also involved in other NSBM groups, for example Paimon with Piaty from Kataxu at Swastyka / Sunwheel. The band was also on the Pagan Front. At the turn of the millennium they officially turned away from it; Paimon declared that he no longer wanted to mix music and politics or talk about his own political views. The statement on the demo was the idea of ​​Rob Darken from Graveland , who released the tape through Eastclan. The NSBM has become a trend.

Paimon explained the NSBM entanglements by saying that in 1993 the band wanted to distance themselves from the numerous “trend idiots” and that bands like Graveland and Infernum were much more extreme, truthful and elitist. In addition, this was the only scene in their environment and the band was not involved in political things. Because of the increasing political orientation, the band left the NSBM scene. The band is just strongly anti-Christian, Paimon describes himself as a self-sufficient individualist, because he follows the paths that seem right to him. He supports every form of political terror against people, whether National Socialism, Communism or other forms. He separates the band's Satanism from devil worship and "this Hebrew shit called Christianity"; it revolves around eternal spiritual and physical development, individual thinking, conscious philosophy of life and respect for nature. He has respect for his original culture, which has been destroyed by Christians, but does not see himself as a pagan. However, when asked about the band Blasphemy and their Afro-Canadian guitarists, he still expressed the view that good Black Metal can only be made by whites, and claims that people who laugh at Polish NSBM do not know anything about the local scene. He also complains that 80 percent of whites don't care about their “racial identity” and are just “shit in human skin”; many white "sluts" would go to bed with " niggers " and that would be considered normal these days. According to Unheilige Alliances , he is also said to have appeared in Arnhem in 2004 with a Celtic Cross T-shirt after he had announced in advance of the tour that he had nothing to do with the NSBM scene.


  • 1996: Beyond Christianity (demo; 1997 as split with Kataxu)
  • 1999: Black Clouds over Dark Majesty (EP; 2001 as split with Kataxu)
  • 2001: The Sons of the Darkness ( Resistance Records , Art of Propaganda )
  • 2003: The Burning Deed of Deceit (ISO666)
  • 2004: Inhuman Ritual Massmurder ( Agonia Records )
  • 2007: Apocalyptic Doom (Agonia Records)

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