Titular diocese of Tanaramusa

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Tanaramusa is a titular bishopric of the Roman Catholic Church .

It goes back to a lost bishop's seat in the ancient city of the same name, which was in the Roman province of Mauretania Caesariensis in what is now northern Algeria .

Titular Bishops of Tanaramusa
No. Surname Office from to
1 Peter William Bartholome Bishop Emeritus of Saint Cloud ( USA ) January 31, 1968 January 13, 1971
2 John A. Choi Jae-seon Emeritus Bishop of Pusan ( South Korea ) 19th September 1973 June 3, 2008
3 Dominic Kimengich Auxiliary Bishop in Lodwar ( Kenya ) March 20, 2010 March 5, 2011
4th Zeferino Zeca Martins SVD Auxiliary Bishop in Luanda ( Angola ) May 19, 2012 1st October 2018

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