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Topos - International Contributions to Dialectical Theory was a Marxist semi-annual journal, published by Hans Heinz Holz and Domenico Losurdo in conjunction with the Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici and the Centro di Studi Filosofici S. Abbondio. With the death of Holz in 2011, the magazine was discontinued.

Topos has been published since 1993. Issues 1–8 were published by Pahl-Rugenstein Verlag Nachhaben (Bonn), issues 9–13 / 14 by Aisthesis Verlag , the rest (a total of 36 issues and two special issues) in Edizioni La Città del Sole ( Napoli). The individual numbers were each dedicated to a main topic, e.g. B. World History (Book 1), Epoch Change (3), Spinoza (6), China (18), Lenin (22) or Peter Hacks (23).

The editors understood Topos as a journal "which takes up the tradition of classical dialectical philosophy and continues the legacy of Marxian theory, stimulating and conveying a philosophical reflection of our time." The editors saw the task of philosophy in creating a conceptual "topology of the world" afford, which explains the name of the magazine. Articles on the philosophy of history and the history of philosophy stood alongside polemical essays and previously unpublished archive materials.

Between 1980 and 1989 the Pahl-Rugenstein-Verlag in Cologne, which was close to the German Communist Party , published the journal Dialektik, edited by Hans Heinz Holz and Hans Jörg Sandkühler . Contributions to philosophy and science . In 1990 this led to the publication of the European Encyclopedia for Philosophy and Sciences in four volumes by Meiner Verlag in Hamburg . After 18 editions Dialectic could no longer be continued in its old form due to the political developments since 1989. Topos can therefore be viewed as the continuation of the “old” Marxist dialectic under new global political conditions, supported by Hans Heinz Holz .

Topos was committed to the materialist dialectic and historical materialism . The editor was the theologian Dieter Kraft , employee of the GDR regional committee and Prague staff of the Christian Peace Conference and unofficial employee of the GDR State Security under the code name "IM Michael".

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