Traktar Stadium

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Traktar stadium
“Трактар” Менск / Стадион “Трактор”
Traktar Stadium (Minsk)
Traktar Stadium Minsk
Earlier names

1968–1976 Red Banner ( Чырвоны сьця , Красное Знамя )

place ul.Vaneeva 3 Minsk , Belarus
Coordinates 53 ° 52 '53.3 "  N , 27 ° 37' 3.3"  E Coordinates: 53 ° 52 '53.3 "  N , 27 ° 37' 3.3"  E
owner Minsk city
opening 1968
Renovations 1976-1988, 1997-2000
surface Natural grass
architect V. Minkin
V. Sadykov
capacity 17,568 seats

The Traktar Stadium ( Belarusian “Трактар” Мінск , Russian Стадион “Трактор” ) is a football stadium with an athletics facility in the Belarusian capital Minsk . The facility offers 17,568 spectators. It is the second largest in the country after the Minsk Dinamo Stadium .


The Traktar Stadium was completed in 1968; the plans for this had been drawn up in 1966/67 by the Minsk architects V. Minkin and V. Sadykov. A large sports complex was planned, but with the exception of the stadium, it was never realized. Until 1976 it was called the Red Banner Stadium ( Belarusian Стадыён Чырвоны Сьця , Russian Стадион ДСО Красное Знамя ). The renaming took place because of the importance of the Minski Traktorny Sawod (Production Association Minsk Tractor Works ; ( Belarusian Менскі трактарны завод , Russian Минский тракторный завод ,insk abbr. МТЗ / M .TS )) for Minsk. In addition, as early as the 1950s / 60s there was a place at the stadium where MTS company sports groups played soccer games among themselves.

From 1976 onwards, extensive work was carried out on the facility, which was completed in 1978. After that, it was the main stadium in Belarus until 1980 when the larger Dinamo stadium was renovated for the soccer competitions of the 1980 Summer Olympics . During this period, several Soviet sports competitions, including athletics and football, were held here. The Traktar Stadium was planned as a reserve stadium for the Olympic Games.

In 1997, renovations began to ensure that the stadium complied with UEFA's requirements for international matches. In 2005, Vladimir Nikolajewitsch Romanow , the (factual) owner of the MTZ-RIPA Minsk football club , announced that he would develop the stadium into a sports and entertainment center. With the bankruptcy of Ūkio banko investicinė grupė , an investment group owned by Romanov and owned by MTZ-RIPA Minsk, in 2013 this now seems to be in question.

Since the Dinamo stadium was demolished at the end of 2012, FK Dinamo Minsk played in the Traktar stadium until the opening of the new stadium in 2018.

The final of the Belarusian Football Cup 2011 took place in the Tractor Stadium.

In addition to football matches, the stadium is also used for concerts. Sun joined Robert Plant on here on August 12 of 2003.

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