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Traude Bührmann , pseudonym Olga Linz (born November 26, 1942 in Essen ) is a German writer, journalist, photographer and translator.


After completing secondary school, doing a commercial apprenticeship and spending two years in London and Paris, Traude Bührmann became a foreign correspondent. In the early 1970s she spent several years in Nepal and India and lived from photo and adventure reports. Back in the FRG, she completed a second degree in sociology from 1973 to 1977 in Berlin. From 1976 to 1979 she worked as an editor for the feminist Berlin women's magazine Courage and other, also international magazines and wrote text and image contributions for documentaries and anthologies as a freelance journalist, writer and photographer.

In 1984 she was a co-founder of West Berlin's Lesben.Kultur.Etage Araquin . In 1989 she spent a year in Montréal and from 1988 to 1994 took part in readings at the International Feminist Book Fairs in Montréal, Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam and Melbourne. She organizes interdisciplinary projects at the Berlin meeting place for female artists PELZE-multimedia . She is co-organizer of the European traveling photo exhibition Lesbian Connexions , which was first shown at the Gay Games in Amsterdam in 1998 .

Between 2002 and 2005, Traude Bührmann was responsible for the organization and implementation of literary salons and writing workshops within the framework of the EFAK (Förderverein Europäische Frauenakademie der Künste und Wissenschaften Berlin-Brandenburg eV) and then worked in cultural centers, district and educational institutions.

In addition, she leads women's history tours in Paris and Berlin.


Her first novel Flights over Moabite Walls was published in 1987. In 1989 she translated Nicole Brossard's novel Le Désert mauve into German ( The mauve desert ). In Wrinkles - Lesbians and Age , published by Krug & Schadenberg in 2000 , Traude Bührmann portrayed lesbians and older people.


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Stories and essays

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Photo exhibitions

Solo exhibitions

  • Etna - la Vulcana , u. a. Wiesbaden Women's Museum 1983.
  • Stone signs - dolmens and menhirs for megalithic culture , with Karin Breithaupt, Frauen-Museum Wiesbaden 1988.
  • Liaison en fer , fascination of the Eiffel Tower at night, b / w, Berlin and Paris 1995.
  • Stone is drowsiness , cemetery sculptures, b / w, Paris 1996.
  • Return to Eressos , photo installation Moabiter Kulturtage, Berlin 2005.
  • Schlossparkmusen , b / w, Ufer-Galerie, Berlin 2005.
  • Brick poetry , photo installation Moabiter Kulturtage, Berlin 2005.
  • Ladies doubles , photo installation, b / w, Toulouse and Berlin 2009/10.
  • Be a stone once , b / w and color photographs, Begine, Berlin 2010.

Group exhibitions

  • Provençal shadows , b / w photos, Marseille 1993.
  • Photo report om mani padne hum in: A landscape painting , Atelierhof Werenzhain 2008.
  • Names become islands , installation, Kunsthafen 59, Hamburg 2009.
  • Sahauri sand , photo installation. In: Fluchtlinien und Strömungen, Cap San Diego, Hamburg 2010.
  • All about words and things that disappear , installation in art on the plinth , Atelierhof Werenzhain and Kunsthafen 59, Hamburg 2010.

Prizes and awards

Traude Bührmann was awarded the 1st Lesbian Literature Prize of the Grupo Salon Hamburg in 1987 for her story Flights over Moabiter Walls .

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