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Large tropical house in the Berlin Botanical Garden

A tropical house (also known as a troparium or tropicarium ) is a greenhouse facility with an artificial ecosystem with living conditions for tropical plant and / or animal species.


The tropical house differs from other greenhouses by its high average temperature and the high degree of humidity . Because of these properties, it is also known as a warm house .

The tropical house is home to plants and animals that require a tropical or subtropical climate . In order to provide the best possible living conditions, zoological and botanical gardens began to erect buildings with artificially grown ecosystems as early as the 19th century. Tropical houses are usually designed as steel frame structures and equipped with glass or plastic windows. In addition to a slim-looking construction, this mainly ensures the required incidence of light. A separate, complex control system must be set up for optimal watering, sprinkling and ventilation of the system. The interior of the building is modeled on the tropical rainforest and populated with birds, reptiles and amphibians . The visitor has the opportunity to walk through the artificial ecosystem on defined paths and to get to know the connections more closely.

Well-known tropical houses

The following list is a small selection of outstanding tropical houses in German-speaking countries.

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