Submarine class 202

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Class 202
Type Small hunting submarines
units Hans Techel S-172
Friedrich Schürer S-173

Atlas-Werke , Bremen

Order 1954
period of service


Whereabouts All scrapped
Technical specifications

t submerged over water 137 t


23.10 m


3.4 m


2.7 m




330  PS / 245  kW Daimler-Benz - Diesel with charging generator
350 PS / 260 kW electric motor
27 hp / 20 kW creep speed electric motor


10  kn above water
13 kn underwater


400 nm at 10 kn above water
270 nm underwater at 5 kn submerged


2 × 533 mm bow torpedo tubes with 2 torpedoes


radar weapon control system

The submarines of class 202 were a short time by the German Navy used submarines class. Their primary task was to protect the coast in the Baltic Sea .


When the Federal Navy was set up, the reconstruction of a submarine weapon was planned right from the start. The construction of twelve miniature submarines for coastal protection was approved by the WEU in 1956. These could not be larger than 350  ts .

Originally, up to 40 submarines of the class were to be built, as the Navy planned intensive surveillance of the Baltic Sea.

Disputes about the purpose and equipment of such a submarine and ever new requests for changes on the part of the Navy delayed the construction considerably. For a while it was planned to equip the third boat with a new Walter drive system, but the preparatory work for this was stopped. In the end, it was decided to build only two boats as acoustic test vehicles for a new sonar system. Contrary to the tradition of only providing submarines with numbers, the two 202 series were named after the designers Hans Techel and Friedrich Schürer , who were significantly involved in the German submarine development.

The construction of the two boats began in 1961 and lasted until 1965. Hans Techel , baptized on October 15, 1965, was given Ottenhöfen as a sponsor , while Friedrich Schürer was baptized on April 6, 1966.

After the two boats had not met the expectations placed on them and the Navy had no use for these small vehicles, they were decommissioned on December 15, 1966 for cost reasons and placed in the naval arsenal in Kiel . The two boats were scrapped a few years later. The construction costs for these two boats were given as 30 million DM .


The two boats differed in the stern rudder version and the Friedrich Schürer received a Kort nozzle , the Hans Techel corresponded to the "normal" stern rudder version of class 205 .


GermanyGermany (naval war flag) Germany - All submarines of the class 202 of the German Navy
Identifier Surname Keel laying Launch Commissioning unit Decommissioning Whereabouts
S172 Hans Techel October 10, 1961 March 15, 1965 October 15, 1965 Trial site 73 in Kiel December 15, 1966 scrapped
S173 Friedrich Schürer October 10, 1961 November 10, 1965 April 6, 1966 Trial site 73 in Kiel December 15, 1966 scrapped

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