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Uller - Illustration in an Icelandic manuscript from 1760

Muller ( Old Norse. Ullr: "the Honorable"; . Old English wuldor: "Shine, fame"), even Ullar, Ull , Holler , Oller or Vulder called, is in the Norse mythology the god of winter , the hunting , the duel , the pasture and the field . He belongs to the Aesir , the younger family of gods, and, according to legend, lives in his self-built hall Ydalir (Eibental) in Asgard .

Research suggests that Uller was a very ancient god, which underscores his relationship with magic. In some areas Uller was worshiped as the main god (Philippson). Later, Uller appears in the Edda as the son of Sif and Thor's stepson .

A representation of the Uller, partly on skis, was widely used as a talisman by winter sports enthusiasts. In a figurative sense, circular pendants were usually referred to as Uller in the Erzgebirge with winter sports motifs .


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