Une fois encore

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Une fois encore (French: once more) is an encyclical written by Pope Pius X , with which he addressed the French episcopate , the French clergy and the French people on January 6, 1907 . In this encyclical, which is kept in a very sharp tone and written in French, he takes a position “on the separation of church and state”.

To separate church and state

The Pope describes the situation in France at that time as a declared war against God and the Holy Church , so he calls for a fight and adds that wisdom and trust will ultimately lead to victory. The victory will be the union with the Apostolic See, because this union is invincible. No state promises, bonuses, threats and violence would create division between the French people and the Holy See .

To persecution and expropriation

The Pope wishes that the persecution of Catholics should end, after all they are not the just means and would only spread evil and suffering. The church goods are the inheritance of the church and these should not be expropriated because this would destroy holy goods. The destruction of church educational institutions would impoverish the spirit and divide the French nation . He specifically refers to an condemnation of government procedures and comparing the laws in France with those in Germany , but with the difference that in Germany the Catholic hierarchy expressly recognized, further, he refers to the French law as "Beraubungsgesetze" and " confiscation laws " which only allowed the conclusion of general rejection.

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