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A university church is a church building in which university church services , i.e. church services for the congregation of a university , take place. It is often used by several denominations . The dean of the university's theological faculty is also dean of the university church.

In addition, a university church often functions as an auditorium maximum , where larger academic events take place. In some universities it forms the intellectual and cultural center.

This fact led to disputes in the GDR because the university churches did not fit into the image of a socialist university. The demolition of the Paulinerkirche in Leipzig in 1968 by the rulers at the time had a particularly symbolic effect, because the Leipzig University, founded in 1409, is the second oldest German university and the church, consecrated in 1240 and owned since 1543, was thus also the oldest sacred university building in Germany .

The Königsberg Cathedral was an important university church . All students and professors at the Albertus University in Königsberg belonged to his community .

For the University of Würzburg still important today is its former university church , the new church , built from 1583 .

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