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Members of the New Media subcommittee of the German Bundestag in the office of the Wikimedia Foundation, February 13, 2012

The subcommittee on new media was a subcommittee of the standing committee for culture and media of the German Bundestag . The subcommittee dealt with questions about the effects of modern information and communication technologies on society and culture. He worked over a period of four electoral terms and was first used by the German Bundestag in 1998.


The main task of the New Media subcommittee was to deal with the dynamic developments in society through modern information and communication technologies across all parties, and to observe and monitor their political, legal, technical and social consequences. The focus was on questions about the possible influences of modern information and communication technologies on data protection and data security , freedom of information , protection of minors or consumer protection as well as copyright . The work of the committee concerned media and communication policy as well as cultural and social policy and, in parts, economic and structural policy.

On the basis of the recommendation by the Internet and Digital Society Enquete Commission to set up a standing committee at the German Bundestag, which deals exclusively and permanently with the effects of digitization and the processing of network policy issues and issues, the New Media subcommittee has set up the standing committee Digital agenda has been replaced.

former members

Depending on the electoral term, the New Media subcommittee had between nine and 13 bipartisan members, mostly members of the Committee on Culture and the Media, but also members of other committees. The last active members of the subcommittee during the 17th electoral term included:

  1. Sebastian Blumenthal (FDP) (Chairman)
  2. Reinhard Brandl (CSU)
  3. Thomas Jarzombek (CDU)
  4. Tankred Schipanski (CDU)
  5. Johannes Selle (CDU)
  6. Marco Wanderwitz (CDU) *)
  7. Martin Dörmann (SPD)
  8. Lars Klingbeil (SPD) *)
  9. Brigitte Zypries (SPD)
  10. Jimmy Schulz (FDP) *)
  11. Herbert Behrens (Die Linke) *) (Deputy Chairman)
  12. Petra Sitte (The Left)
  13. Tabea Rößner (Alliance 90 / The Greens) *)

 *) Stewards

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