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Valentin Groebner, 2013 in Frankfurt am Main

Valentin Groebner (born May 9, 1962 in Vienna ) is an Austrian historian of medieval history.

Valentin Groebner studied at the Universities of Vienna , Marburg and Hamburg . In 1991 he received his doctorate from the University of Bielefeld with the thesis Economy without a House: On the Economics of Poor People in Nuremberg at the End of the 15th Century . He worked as an assistant at the University of Basel , where he completed his habilitation in 1998 with the work dangerous gifts: ritual, politics and the language of corruption in the Confederation in the late Middle Ages and at the beginning of the modern era . Since 1997 he has been co-editor of the historical anthropology journal . In 1999/2000 he was visiting professor at Harvard University . Since 2004 he has been professor of general and Swiss history of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance at the University of Lucerne, succeeding Guy P. Marchal . He has been a member of the German Academy for Language and Poetry since 2017 . He is a member of the Swiss Society for Economic and Social History and co-editor of the magazine for the history of ideas .



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