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Vinzenz Rüttimann, 1769-1844

Vinzenz Rüttimann (born May 1, 1769 in Reiden ; † January 15, 1844 in Lucerne ) comes from the Lucerne patrician family of the same name and was one of the most important Swiss politicians during the first half of the 19th century. His family had joined the ruling family shortly before the Fundamental Law of 1773 was passed.


Vinzenz Rüttimann had been a member of the Lucerne Grand Council since 1791, bailiff of Habsburg and legation secretary of the XIII places at the French agent in Basel. He was then elected to the Small Council, where he belonged to the Progressive Party of the patriciate. In 1794 he became bailiff in Münster and in the same year he joined the Helvetic Society . In 1797 the council sent him to the assembly in Aarau as ambassador of Lucerne .

After Lucerne ended the old order itself in the face of the French threat in 1798 and Switzerland was occupied by Napoleon's troops, Rüttimann became the Helvetic governor and in 1802 the provincial governor. Politically he was considered a Unitarian during the Helvetic Republic. As such, he traveled to Helvetische Consulta as a representative of his home canton and the canton of Ticino . During the reconstitution of the Canton of Lucerne, he was President of the Provisional Government Commission and, until 1814, Schultheiss during the mediation . In 1808 he was Landammann of Switzerland .

Since the abdication of the patriciate, the new Lucerne government was soon seen as the worst and most ignorant in Switzerland. That is why Rüttimann led the coup d'état on February 16, 1814 with members of the Society of the Lords of Shooting , which reinstated the patrician constitution in Lucerne. In the new government, in addition to the patricians, there were now also prominent heads of the bourgeoisie. As a member of the Diet, Rüttimann was actively involved in shaping the Swiss restoration and was again mayor in Lucerne until 1831. In 1820 and 1826 he was President of the Diet and Head of State of Switzerland.

Vinzenz Rüttimann was married to Anna Maria Meyer von Schauensee , the sister of Franz Bernhard Meyer von Schauensee , since 1794 . Sophie Schumacher , daughter of Jost Dürler, the commanding officer of the French Swiss Guard on August 10, 1792 in the Tuileries , took on the role of the radiant hostess at the glamorous state receptions for which Rüttimann was famous .

In 1818 Josef Reinhard made a portrait of Rüttimann together with his youngest daughter. Rüttimann's portrait with the medals was created after this painting (oil on wood, 82.5 × 65.5 cm).


  1. The patriciate had been divided since the time of the Schumacher-Meyer trade . The fear of the one, combined with the ideals of the other, had suggested that the gentlemen abdicate under pressure from Napoleon. In addition, the majority of the conservatives did not have as strong a personality as Rüttimann and the moderating influence of the mayor Dürler was unable to stop the action. Only the subjects felt doubt about it. They felt abandoned.


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