Landammann of Switzerland

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The country Ammann of Switzerland was restored confederation of the mediation period 1803 to 1813 the representative of the federal power over the sovereign cantons . The function was created by Napoleon Bonaparte in order to be able to exercise control over Switzerland through this central office. Napoleon had already established the office of Landammans for the centralized Helvetic Republic in 1802 , who presided over both the Senate (the legislative authority) and the Small Council (the government college) and thus acted as head of state, among other things .

The six suburbs according to the mediation constitution ( Friborg , Bern , Solothurn , Basel , Zurich and Lucerne ) alternately provided the Landammann of Switzerland annually in this order. The Schultheiss or mayors of the respective canton took over this office presided over the Diet , headed the diplomatic relations with foreign countries and oversaw the cantons.


The following magistrates were Landammann of Switzerland under the mediation constitution:

The function should not be confused with that of Landammann at the cantonal level.