Hans von Reinhard

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Lithograph of a portrait of Hans von Reinhard that Johann Oeri painted in Paris in 1804 when Reinhard was taking part in Napoleon's coronation as emperor

Hans von Reinhard , also Reinhart (born February 20, 1755 in Zurich , † December 23, 1835 in Zurich), was a Swiss politician.

Reinhard came from an advisory family in the city of Zurich and was a member of the narrower (“nobility”) parlor of the Constaffel Society . From 1778 to 1779 he was bailiff of the Landgraviate of Thurgau and from 1795 to 1798 of the County of Baden . In Zurich he held various offices. In 1799, Hans Reinhard was arrested by the French troops and deported to Basel as a hostage . Despite his escape from captivity, he was confirmed in his offices on his return to Zurich and in 1801 governor of the Swiss canton of Zurich. As a representative of Zurich, he traveled to the Helvetische Consulta in Paris, where Napoleon handed over the mediation constitution to Switzerland . At the Consulta, Reinhard managed to enlarge Zurich to include Dietikon , Hüttikon , Oetwil an der Limmat and Schlieren and, as a committee member, signed the mediation act of February 19, 1803.

In the resurrected Canton of Zurich, Hans von Reinhard became a member of the provisional government commission, the Grand Council (1803-1835), the Small Council 1803-1830, and repeatedly mayor (1803-1830) and State Councilor 1814-1830. In 1807 and 1813 Reinhard Landammann was in Switzerland . As a member of the Swiss parliament from 1803 to 1830, Reinhard also had an influence on Swiss politics: in 1804 he represented Switzerland at Napoleon's imperial coronation in Paris and from 1814 to 1815 at the Congress of Vienna .

Reinhard is considered the last Swiss politician of international stature, as he personally knew all the powerful men of his time. His career ended with the overthrow of 1830.

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