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The Cantonal Council holds its meetings in the town hall of Zurich (2011).

The Cantonal Council of Zurich is the parliament of the Canton of Zurich . It meets the cantonal hall in the town hall of Zurich and is the legislative and supreme supervising authority of the canton. Its 180 members are distributed over 18 constituencies and elected for four years according to the proportional procedure , whereby the biproportional seat allocation procedure according to Pukelsheim has been used since 2006 . The Cantonal Council enacts all fundamental and important provisions in the form of laws. The meetings of the Cantonal Council usually take place every Monday (except during school holidays). The last general renewal election took place on March 24, 2019.



Basic requirements for the Cantonal Council can be found in the Zurich Cantonal Constitution in Articles 50 ff.

The 180 members of the Cantonal Council are elected for a term of four years. The council exercises supreme power, subject to the rights of the people. It passes laws and oversees the canton's state organs, i.e. the government council , courts and other authorities.


Budget drafts and statements by the government council are approved or rejected by the canton council. The government council can decide on new one-off expenses of up to 3 million francs or new annual recurring expenses of up to 300,000 francs. Any expenditure that goes beyond this must be approved by the Cantonal Council. A referendum can be held on request for one-off new expenditures of over 6 million Swiss francs or new annual recurring expenditures of over 600,000 Swiss francs if 3,000 eligible voters (optional financial referendum) or 45 cantonal councilors (cantonal council referendum) do so within 60 days of the publication of the resolution desire.

Resolutions are submitted to the people for voting in any case if they concern the constitution, or if they are intercantonal or international treaties, the content of which has constitutional status.

A popular initiative is submitted to the people for voting in any case

  • it is in the form of a draft that the Cantonal Council does not approve
  • it is in the form of a general suggestion that the Cantonal Council does not want to implement
  • if the Cantonal Council makes a counter-proposal.


According to Article 37 of the cantonal constitution, however, the cantonal council can put urgent laws into effect immediately if two thirds of the council members present agree.


After a new election of the Cantonal Council, the election of the Cantonal Council President takes place. As soon as he has taken over the chairmanship, the other members of the executive board are elected.

According to the Cantonal Council Act of the Canton of Zurich, the Office of the Cantonal Council consists of the President, two Vice-Presidents, the members of the Secretariat and other members. They are all elected for the following year in office at the first meeting in May. You are no longer eligible for the same offices in the following year.

Council operation


The cantonal council is deemed to have a quorum if more than half of the members are present. If the quorum is doubted before a vote begins, the Presidium orders a name call. It can suspend voting for a short time. If the Presidium finds that the Council does not have a quorum, it cancels the meeting.

If a member or close relatives of a member is directly affected by an issue, this shall temporarily withdraw.

Parliamentary instruments

The members of the Cantonal Council have various instruments at their disposal to start an advance.

  • Motion : A motion can oblige the government council to submit a draft for a constitutional or legislative proposal, a resolution or a report.
  • Postulate : With a postulate one asks the government council to examine whether a constitutional or legislative proposal or a draft for a resolution should be submitted. If the government council accepts the postulate or if it is transferred by the majority of the council, the government council must report within two years, with the possibility of an extension of one year. If the report is available, the cantonal council decides whether the postulate should be copied. The council can request a supplementary report from the government council or it can issue an opinion that differs from the government council.
  • Urgent postulate : An urgent postulate can be used to ask the government council to report back within four weeks. This requires the approval of 60 council members.
  • Interpellation : With an interpellation one asks the government council to provide information on certain matters of the state administration. The approval of 20 council members is required. The government council submits its answer in writing within two months. A discussion can then take place in the council.
  • Political group statement : a specific member of a political group can make a current affairs statement to the Council. There is no discussion of this in the Council.
  • Personal statement : A council member can make a personal statement for a maximum of two minutes. As a rule, this involves making statements or defending against personal attacks.
  • General debate : In the event of extraordinary events that materially affect the Canton of Zurich, the Cantonal Council can hold a general debate. No resolutions are passed
  • Parliamentary initiative : Members of the council request changes to the cantonal constitution with a parliamentary initiative.
  • Inquiry : With an inquiry one requests information about affairs of the state administration. The government council replies in writing within three months.


Cantonal elections in Zurich on March 24, 2019
Share of voters in percent
Gains and losses
compared to 2015
 % p
6th 21st 34 24 8th 8th 29 45 
A total of 180 seats

Status: 10.06.2020 1 2 3 4



Constituencies and electoral system

The canton council has 180 members. These are elected according to proportional representation, with each district of the Canton of Zurich corresponding to one constituency. The constitution also allows large districts to be divided into several constituencies.

The number and designation of electoral districts is specified in the Act on Political Rights. Thus, the canton of Zurich is currently divided into 18 constituencies for cantonal elections. The allocation of seats is based on the population of the constituencies.

For the 2019 elections, one seat was shifted from the Hinwil district in favor of the Bülachs district. This resulted in the following allocation of seats:

Constituency number Constituency name associated municipalities Number of representatives (2019-2023)
1 Zurich, districts 1 and 2 Zurich 4th
2 Zurich, districts 3 and 9 Zurich 12
3 Zurich, districts 4 and 5 Zurich 5
4th Zurich, districts 6 and 10 Zurich 9
5 Zurich, districts 7 and 8 Zurich 6th
6th Zurich, districts 11 and 12 Zurich 12
7th Dietikon Aesch, Oberengstringen, Unterengstringen, Birmensdorf, Oetwil ad L., Urdorf, Dietikon, Schlieren, Weiningen, Geroldswil, Uitikon 11
8th Affoltern Aeugst a. A., Kappel a. A., Ottenbach, Affoltern a. A., Knonau, Rifferswil, Bonstetten, Maschwanden, Stallikon, Hausen a. A., Mettmenstetten, Wettswil a. A., Hedingen, Obfelden 6th
9 Horgen Adliswil, Kilchberg, Rüschlikon, Langnau a. A., Horgen, Oberrieden, Thalwil, Richterswil, Wädenswil 15th
10 miles Erlenbach, Männedorf, Uetikon a. S., Herrliberg, Meilen, Zollikon, Hombrechtikon, Oetwil a. S., Zumikon, Küsnacht, Stäfa 13
11 Hinwil Bäretswil, Gossau, Seegräben, Bubikon, Grüningen, Wald, Dürnten, Hinwil, Wetzikon, Fischenthal, Rüti 11
12 Uster Dübendorf, Maur, Volketswil, Egg, Mönchaltorf, Wangen-Brüttisellen, Fällanden, Schwerzenbach, Greifensee, Uster 16
13 Pfaffikon Bauma, Fehraltorf, Lindau, Weisslingen, Hittnau, Pfäffikon, Wila, Illnau-Effretikon, Russikon, Wildberg 7th
14th City of Winterthur Winterthur 13
15th Winterthur country Altikon, Ellikon ad Th., Rickenbach, Elsau, Schlatt, Brütten, Hagenbuch, Seuzach, Dägerlen, Hettlingen, Turbenthal, Dättlikon, Wiesendangen, Dinhard, Neftenbach, Elgg, Pfungen, Zell 7th
16 Andelfingen Adlikon, Flaach, Ossingen, Andelfingen, Flurlingen, Rheinau, Benken, Henggart, Thalheim ad Th., Berg a. I., Humlikon, Trüllikon, book a. I., Kleinandelfingen, Truttikon, Dachsen, Laufen-Uhwiesen, Dorf, Marthalen, Volken, Feuerthalen, Stammheim 4th
17th Bulach Bachenbülach, Hochfelden, Rafz, Bassersdorf, Höri, Rorbas, Bülach, Hüntwangen, Wallisellen, Dietlikon, Kloten, Wasterkingen, Eglisau, Lufingen, Wil, Embrach, Nürensdorf, Winkel, Freienstein-Teufen, Oberembrach, Glattfelden, Opfikon 18th
18th Dielsdorf Bachs, Niederglatt, Rümlang, Boppelsen, Niederhasli, Schleinikon, Buchs, Niederweningen, Schöfflisdorf, Dällikon, Oberglatt, Stadel, Dänikon, Oberweningen, Steinmaur, Dielsdorf, Otelfingen, Weiach, Hüttikon, Regensberg, Neerach, Regensdorf 11

According to the cantonal constitution , the distribution of seats is to be regulated in such a way that the will of every voter is as equally important as possible throughout the canton. Since the cantonal elections in 2007, the requirement has been implemented through the double-proportional allocation process to Pukelsheim . The votes of all parties are first weighted, added up across the canton and, based on this, the 180 mandates are distributed across the canton, only taking into account those parties that have won at least 5% of the votes in at least one constituency (upper allocation). According to this, the mandates of each party are allocated to the individual constituencies in such a way that each constituency is allocated the seats allocated to it (see table) and every party is allocated the mandates obtained in the overall allocation (sub-allocation).


Members of the government council may not be members of the cantonal council at the same time. Members of the cantonal administration who report directly to the government council or one of its members are also not allowed to sit on the cantonal council.


Claims for compensation and attendance fees are set out in the rules of procedure of the Cantonal Council. However, the amount of an attendance fee is determined by resolution. The attendance fee is currently CHF 200 per meeting. Each member also receives a basic salary of CHF 4,000, a first-class train subscription for the Zürcher Verkehrsverbund , and a flat-rate expense allowance of CHF 2,800 per year in office.

The presidents of the cantonal council and commissions receive twice the attendance fee for each meeting they chair. In addition, the Presidium of the Cantonal Council receives a one-time annual lump-sum compensation for representation obligations. The parliamentary groups also receive parliamentary group compensation of 40,000 francs plus a surcharge of 2,300 francs per member.

List of members

As of June 13, 2019.

Surname Political party place of residence vintage Election year function
Pia Ackermann SP Zurich 1988 2015 member
Ruth Ackermann CVP Zurich 1960 2015 member
Theresia Agosti Monn SP Turbenthal 1961 2013 member
Sarah Akanji SP Wiesendangen 1993 2019 member
Franco Albanese SVP Winterthur 1977 2011 member
Ronald Alder GLP Ottenbach 1969 2017 member
Hans-Peter Amrein SVP Küsnacht 1958 2011 member
Bettina Balmer-Schiltknecht FDP Zurich 1966 2015 member
Ueli Bamert SVP Zurich 1979 2018 member
Franziska Barmettler GLP Zurich 1982 2019 member
Isabel Bartal SP Zurich 1964 2014 member
Markus Bärtschiger SP Streaks 1962 2017 member
Judith Bellaïche GLP Kilchberg 1971 2011 member
André Bender SVP Oberengstringen 1962 2015 member
Melanie Berner AL Zurich 1981 2019 member
Michael Beaver FDP Bachenbülach 1982 2015 member
Markus Bischoff AL Zurich 1956 2007 Member of the executive board, AL group president
Beat Bloch CSP Zurich 1963 2012 member
Diego Bonato SVP Aesch 1959 2015 member
Sandra Bossert SVP Waedenswil 1979 2019 member
Marc Bourgeois FDP Zurich 1971 2015 member
Harry Robert Brandenberger SP Gossau 1971 2019 member
Hans-Peter Brunner FDP Horgen 1955 2015 member
Robert Brunner Green Steinmaur 1959 2004 member
Yvonne Bürgin CVP Rüti ZH 1970 2013 Member of the Executive Board, President of the CVP parliamentary group
Rochus Burtscher SVP Dietikon 1963 2011 member
Jeannette Büsser Green Zurich 1973 2019 member
Kaspar Bütikofer AL Zurich 1965 2007 member
Linda Camenisch FDP Wallisellen 1955 2010 member
Leandra Columberg SP Dubendorf 1999 2019 member
Katrin Cometa GLP Winterthur 1975 2019 member
Pierre Dalcher SVP Streaks 1961 2011 member of the managing board
Andreas Daurù SP Winterthur 1979 2012 member
Urs Dietschi Green Lindau 1954 2019 member
Michéle Dünki-Bättig SP Glattfelden 1989 2015 member
Renate Dürr Green Winterthur 1967 2019 member
Hans Egli EDU Steinmaur 1965 2007 member
Jonas Erni SP Waedenswil 1981 2014 member
Carola Etter FDP Winterthur 1980 2019 member
Martin Farner FDP Oberstammheim 1963 2008 member
Raffaela Fehr Green Volketswil 1985 2019 member
Nina Fehr Düsel SVP Küsnacht 1980 2015 member
Karin Fehr Thoma Green Uster 1963 2015 member
Stefan Feldmann SP Uster 1970 2011 member
Benjamin Fischer SVP Volketswil 1991 2015 member
Thomas Forrer Green Erlenbach 1972 2016 member
Ann Barbara Franzen FDP Niederweningen 1964 2015 member
Beatrix Frey-Eigenmann FDP miles 1966 2011 Member of the management, FDP parliamentary group president
Astrid Furrer FDP Waedenswil 1968 2014 member
David John Galeuchet Green Bulach 1971 2018 member
Alex Gantner FDP Maur 1968 2010 member
Sonja Gehrig GLP Urdorf 1970 2015 member
Andreas Geistlich FDP Streaks 1962 2011 member
Andrea Gisler GLP Gossau 1967 2019 member
Hanspeter Göldi SP miles 1960 2011 member
Corina Gredig GLP Zurich 1987 2019 member
Barbara Grueter SVP Rorbas 1976 2017 member
Barbara Günthard Fitze EPP Winterthur 1957 2017 member
Esther Guyer Green Zurich 1951 1998 Member of the management, President of the Greens
Martin Haab SVP Mettmenstetten 1962 2011 member
Beat Habegger FDP Zurich 1975 2015 member
Lorenz Habicher SVP Zurich 1968 2018 member
Urs Hans independent 1 Turbenthal 1952 2019 member
Andreas Hasler GLP Illnau-Effretikon 1963 2019 member
Daniel Häuptli GLP Zurich 1983 2016 member
Matthias Hauser SVP Hüntwangen 1973 2003 member
Edith Häusler-Michel Green Kilchberg 1960 2011 member
Daniel Heierli Green Zurich 1965 2014 member
Daniel Hodel GLP Zurich 1971 2011 member
Felix Hoesch SP Zurich 1970 2014 member
Jacqueline Hofer SVP Dubendorf 1969 2011 member
Benedikt Hoffmann SVP Zurich 1970 2015 member
Claudia Hollenstein GLP Stäfa 1967 2019 member
Walter Honegger SVP Forest ZH 1962 2019 member
Stefanie Huber GLP Dubendorf 1982 2019 member
Martin Huber FDP Neftenbach 1978 2019 member
Beat Huber SVP Box 1965 2011 member
Martin Huebscher SVP Wiesendangen 1969 2015 Member of the management, SVP parliamentary group president
Hanspeter Hugentobler EPP Pfaffikon 1967 2015 member
Laura Huonker AL Zurich 1981 2015 member
René Isler SVP Winterthur 1959 2003 member
Alexander Hunter FDP Zurich 1970 2015 member
Rosmarie Joss SP Dietikon 1982 2010 member
Manuel Kampus Green Streaks 1984 2019 member
Andrew Katumba SP Zurich 1971 2014 member
Dieter Kläy FDP Winterthur 1963 2011 Member of the Executive Board, President of the Council 2019
Jörg Kündig FDP Gossau 1960 2007 member
Ruedi Lais SP Wallisellen 1953 2000 member of the managing board
Thomas Lamprecht EDU Bassersdorf 1966 2018 member
Valentin Landmann SVP Zurich 1950 2019 member
Tobias Langenegger SP Zurich 1985 2015 member
Konrad Langhart independent 2 Oberstammheim 1963 2011 member
Domenik leather tanner SVP Herrliberg 1987 2018 member
Davide Loss SP Adliswil 1987 2011 member
Christian Lucek SVP Dänikon 1964 2011 member
Jörg Mäder GLP Opfikon 1975 2009 member
Tobias Mani EPP Waedenswil 1976 2017 member
Thomas Marthaler SP Zurich 1961 2011 member
Sibylle Marti SP Zurich 1980 2015 member
Maria Rita Marty SVP 3 Volketswil 1962 2017 member
Carmen Marty Fässler SP Adliswil 1980 2017 member
Sylvie Matter SP Zurich 1981 2014 member of the managing board
Paul Mayer SVP Marthalen 1964 2019 member
Doris Meier FDP Bassersdorf 1967 2019 member
Esther Meier SP Zollikon 1952 2015 member
Walter Meier EPP Uster 1960 2015 member
Florian Meier Green Winterthur 1987 2019 member
Christian Mettler SVP Zurich 1955 2001 member
Beat Monhart EPP Gossau 1969 2017 member
Arianne Moser FDP Bonstetten 1965 2019 member
André Müller FDP Uitikon 1973 2015 member
Fabian Mueller FDP Rüschlikon 1977 2019 member
Christian Mueller FDP Steinmaur 1965 2015 member
Gabi Petri Green Zurich 1960 1991 member
Hannah Palatine SP Mettmenstetten 1997 2018 member
Stefanie Pfänder Green Zurich 1985 2019 member
Ulrich Pfister SVP Egg 1960 2015 member
Elisabeth Pflugshaupt SVP Gossau 1961 2015 member
Jean-Philippe Pinto CVP Volketswil 1966 2007 member
Jasmin Poker Sneaky Green Zurich 1962 2019 member
Silvia Rigoni Green Zurich 1962 2016 member
Daniela Rinderknecht SVP Wallisellen 1984 2019 member
Romaine Rogenmoser SVP Bulach 1971 2019 member
Angie Romero FDP Zurich 1976 2019 member
Brigitte Röösli SP Illnau-Effretikon 1963 2018 member
Sonja Rueff-Frenkel FDP Zurich 1972 2014 member
Sadriu Qëndresa SP Opfikon 1994 2019 member
Manuel Sahli AL Winterthur 1988 2015 member
Monica Sanesi Muri GLP Zurich 1972 2019 member
Markus Schaaf EPP Cell 1966 2010 Member of the management, EPP parliamentary group president
Barbara Schaffner GLP Otelfingen 1968 2011 member
Roland check SVP Zurich 1967 2011 member
Benno Scherrer Moser GLP Uster 1965 2007 Member of the executive board, 2nd vice president
Peter Schick SVP Zurich 1969 2019 member
Marionna Schlatter Green Hinwil 1980 2019 member
Simon Schlauri GLP Zurich 1973 2018 member
Claudio Schmid SVP Bulach 1971 2003 member
Lorenz Schmid CVP Männedorf 1965 2006 member
Roman Schmid SVP Opfikon 1984 2011 Member of the executive board, 1st Vice President
Stefan Schmid SVP Niederglatt 1976 2015 member
Meret Schneider Green Uster 1992 2019 member
Christian Schucan FDP Uetikon am See 1968 2015 member
Thomas Schweizer Green Hedingen 1955 2019 member
Nicola Siegrist SP Zurich 1996 2019 member
Daniel Sommer EPP Affoltern am Albis 1964 2015 member
Markus Späth-Walter SP Feuerthalen 1953 2007 Member of the management, parliamentary group president SP
Kathy Steiner Green Zurich 1963 2013 member
Rafael Steiner SP Winterthur 1987 2013 member
Judith Anna Stofer AL Zurich 1959 2011 member
Esther Straub SP Zurich 1970 2015 member
Christa Stünzi GLP Horgen 1986 2019 member
Beatrix Stüssi SP Niederhasli 1960 2018 member
Juerg Sulser SVP Otelfingen 1961 2011 member
Marcel Suter SVP Thalwil 1973 2017 member
Birgit Tognella-Geertsen SP Zurich 1967 2015 member
René Truninger SVP Illnau-Effretikon 1967 2015 member
Thomas Vogel FDP Illnau-Effretikon 1972 2003 member
Peter Vollenweider FDP Stäfa 1973 2014 member
Paul from Euw SVP Bauma 1978 2019 member
Cyril of Planta GLP Zurich 1976 2011 member
Erich Vontobel EDU Bubikon 1959 2012 member
Daniel Wäfler SVP Gossau 1979 2015 member
Urs Waser SVP Langnau am Albis 1986 2015 member of the managing board
Stephan Weber FDP Wetzikon 1966 2019 member
Tobias Weidmann SVP Hettlingen 1983 2019 member
Monika Wicki SP Zurich 1967 2014 member
Josef Widler CVP Zurich 1954 2014 member
Celine Widmer SP Zurich 1978 2012 member
Josef Wiederkehr CVP Dietikon 1970 2005 member
Thomas Wirth GLP Hombrechtikon 1971 2007 member
Mark Anthony Wisskirchen EPP Balls 1963 2017 member
Kathrin Wydler CVP Wallisellen 1967 2018 member
Cristina Wyss GLP Dietlikon 1972 2019 member
Orlando Wyss SVP Dubendorf 1952 2009 member
Claudia Wyssen GLP 4 Uster 1979 2015 member
Erika Zahler SVP Boppelsen 1960 2015 member
Farid Zeroual CVP Adliswil 1962 2018 member
Michael witness GLP Winterthur 1977 2011 Member of the Executive Board, President of the GLP parliamentary group
Christoph Ziegler GLP Elgg 1964 2011 member
Christina Zurfluh Fräfel SVP Waedenswil 1962 2018 member
1 Urs Hans was expelled from the Green Party in June 2020.
2 Konrad Langhart left the SVP in December 2019 and has since joined the CVP parliamentary group as a non-party.
3 Maria Rita Marty moved from EDU to SVP in May 2019.
4th Claudia Wyssen moved from SP to GLP in May 2019.

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