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Paul Usteri

Paul Usteri (born February 14, 1768 in Zurich ; † April 9, 1831 ibid) was a liberal Swiss publicist and politician , doctor and botanist. Its botanical author's abbreviation is " Usteri ".

Live and act

Paul (originally Paulus) Usteri was the eldest son of the pedagogue Leonhard Usteri (1741–1789). He was a doctor and held the office of a Swiss Council of State .

Usteri made great contributions to the development of press freedom in Switzerland . I.a. he was editor of the magazines Klio and Der Schweizerische Republikaner (1798–1803; most recently under the title "Der Republikaner"), in which the principles of the Helvetic Republic were set out. He owed his knowledge of the revolutionary development in France to his contacts with many contemporaries who, like himself, were politically committed to the revolution (including Johann Georg Kerner , Konrad Engelbert Oelsner , Karl Friedrich Reinhard ). Years of political correspondence connected him with the Salonnière Anna Maria Rüttimann .

On September 5, 1792 he was admitted to the Leopoldina and received the academic surname Acarnan V.

From 1792 to 1801 Usteri published the Annalen der Botanick (from the eighth edition: Annalen der Botany ) as a botanist , in which numerous new plant species were described.

Shortly before his death, Usteri was elected to succeed Hans von Reinhard in the government of the Canton of Zurich. However, he died before he could take office as Mayor of Zurich.

Usteri left behind one of the three largest collections of French revolutionary pamphlets in the world . It is now in the possession of the Zurich Central Library and comprises around 7500 brochures, which are grouped under the shelf mark “Usteri” and are fully recorded in the online catalog.


The plant genus Usteria Willd is named after Usteri . from the nugget family (Loganiaceae).


Individual evidence

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