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The Vice-County Maine , more precisely: the office of the Vice-Count of Maine ( Viscount du Maine ) existed as deputy of the Count of Maine from the Second House of Maine in Le Mans until the middle of the 11th century .

After the Rollonids came to power , the office was no longer held, the Vice Counts of Maine henceforth bear the title of Vice Count of Beaumont-sur-Sarthe or Vice-Count of Beaumont-au-Maine , but are occasionally referred to in the literature as Vice Counts of Maine designated.

Vice Counts of Maine (Viscounts du Maine)

  • Raoul III, Vice Count of Maine before 967-997
  • Raoul IV, Vice Count of Maine, † before 1040, his son
  • Raoul V., Vice-Count of Beaumont-sur-Sarthe etc., 1061 Vice-Count of Maine, probably his son
  • Hubert, Vice Count of Maine in 1062, † before 1095, his son

Vice-Count of Beaumont

  • Raoul VII, Vice Count of Fresnay and Beaumont, † 1120/25
  • Roscelin, Vice Count of Beaumont in 1112/68, whose son married Constance, illegitimate daughter of King Henry I of England .
  • Richard I, Vice Count of Beaumont, † after 1199, their son
  • Raoul VIII, Vice Count of Beaumont, † 1239, his son
  • Richard II, Vice Count of Beaumont, † 1242, his son
  • Agnes, Vice Countess of Beaumont, † 1301, his daughter ∞

House Brienne

  • Ludwig von Brienne , called Ludwig von Akko, † after 1297, Vice Count of Beaumont-au-Maine
  • Johann von Brienne, † 1306, his son
  • Robert von Brienne, † 1327, his son
  • Johann von Brienne, † before 1355, his son
  • Ludwig II., † 1364, Vice Count of Beaumont, his son
  • Maria von Brienne, † 1372, mistress of Beaumont, his sister; ∞
  • Wilhelm von Chamaillart, † 1391, Vice Count of Beaumont-au-Maine
  • Maria von Chamaillard, Vice Countess of Beaumont-au-Maine, † 1425, heirloom of Wilhelm; ∞

House Valois-Alençon

Françoise von Alençon is the mother of Antoine de Bourbon, duc de Vendôme and thus the grandmother of King Henry IV.

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